Health benefits of clean house

The latest trend is ‘’Humans in mask,’’ people irrespective of the geographical area are forced to use masks due to the wide spread of many contagious diseases such as Ebola, swine flu and so on. In fact having masks alone, is not the way out to escape from these deadly infectious diseases. Apart from having masks one needs personal hygiene and home hygiene then alone fighting these deadly contagious diseases become easy. Here we go with how to keep the homes tidy and clean to save the health with ease….

1) Windows:

Opening windows gives light but along with light we also get a lot many pollutants and dust in bonus, which can easily make us fall prey to many diseases. So the best way to keep dust away is to open the windows in the afternoons when vehicle movement and flow of air is less. Opening the windows during noon will allow sunlight into the house and keep the pollution away. Make it a point to clean the windows and frames regularly as they are prone to heavy dust due to constant exposure to outside elements, clean windows can easily keep you away from seasonal allergies and infections.

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2) Main entrance:

Begin the cleanliness of the home from the main entrance. Always keep cleaning the door mattress and also change it for every 3 months. Prefer rough door mattress, having a rough door mattress at the main entrance will keep the house out of dust to the maximum as it easily absorbs dust and other particles present on the sole of the shoes and slippers.

3) Vacuum cleaner:

Make use of good and quality vacuum cleaner. Prefer high technology vacuum cleaners to traditional ones as they are effective in cleaning. Using high-quality vacuum cleaner helps in removing off even the tiniest dust particles from the house. It even helps in taking off the dust and untidy particles that spread due to pets.  Dust off the house using a good vacuum cleaner at least twice in a week.  Using a vacuum cleaner will easily save you from allergic conditions such as asthma and common flues.

4) No smoking zone:

Many people think that they are not causing trouble to family members by smoking away from the living room and commonly used rooms, but actually this is a wrong notion. In fact the smoke and allergens released due to smoking are very dangerous and can spread in the air to longer distance, so keep away from smoking in the home.

5) Pet care:

No matter how much ever you love your pets they should keep at bay. The pets should have their own living zones in case you want t o stay away from infections. Keep them always clean and tidy for good health.

6) Keep dry:

See to that the floors are always dry. Wipe the floor and other material in the home cleanly using a dry cloth. This will help you in staying off from infections that arise due to dampness.

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