Healing menopause symptoms naturally

Menopause is unavoidable and to deal with it is really irksome but here are natural ways to control menopause symptoms. Have a look at fighting menopause symptoms.

Hot flashes: Many women are under the impression that hot flashes cannot be done away with. No, it is not so there are many ways using which you can control them. Actually, there are many things that lead to hot flashes such as stress, spicy foods, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, hot showers, and medication are only a few. Make it a point to know which things trigger flashes and then try to stay off from them. Kick off caffeine if it bothers and avoid smoking if it triggers. Note down the ones that lead to hot flashes and try to stay away from them.

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Insomnia: As insomnia is often the result of night sweats and hot flashes during menopause, the room environment becomes vital. Always see that the temperature is cool and always prefer cotton sheets and also light and natural fabric bed sheets. Eat much in advance before hitting the bed. Also, the diet you take should be healthy and keep it veggie during the day and also at supper. Avoid stimulants such as cigars and coffee. Meditate or do some light stretch exercises before bedtime. Stay from the hot bath and shower. It is better to leave behind hot beverages before bed.

Irritability & moodiness: The best way out for swings of mood is exercise. Go out and have a brisk walk for half an hour or so, this is the best menopause treatment. Yoga and meditation are also the best ways to keep mind under control. Try out small snack after exercise this will allow you to stop eating more for the day. Caffeine, smoking and medication can also cause mood swings so better avoid them. Give your body the best nutritious food and also, sleep well. Chlorophyll present in plant-based foods can easily stabilize the mood. Give yourself the time. Try acupuncture or massage to balance the energy.

Libido changes: Hormonal fluctuations, sleeplessness, stress and also concerns regarding aging can pave a way to libido changes during menopause. Get a lot of sleep along with doing some stress reduction things like exercise, meditation and yoga. Energy medicine such as reiki, acupuncture, and massage will easily aid in rebalancing the natural energy, which in turn will increase the sex drive. Eat foods that stimulate sex drives such as chocolate and cinnamon. Have a good rapport with your partner.

Vaginal dryness: The easiest and simplest way to beat dryness of vagina is to take more water. Use only cosmetic products that are alcohol-free. Stay away from alcohol. Drink fruit juices often. Adding omega-3 fats into the diet is also good. You can also use coconut oil as an instant relief.

Urinary incontinence: If there is urine leakage, strengthen the pelvic muscles by practicing Kegel exercises. The same yoga and meditation can also save you from the trouble.

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