Have you tried these little-known Facebook features..?

Not to know Facebook is sin and we say this because for many a day doesn’t end without logging into it and spending time. It has many features which simply make anyone addicted to it and this is the reason for its popularity. It has many user-friendly features and that’s the reason we die to spend time on it. It has many features which you may not know or you are not using and here we will say 5 out of those features. Try these hidden Facebook features and have more fun from this site.

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See First:

This feature is not known to many but still it is fun using it. Facebook launched it very recently and the number of users using it is increasing day by day. The best part of this feature is you will not miss posts of whom you think are important or you feel special. In other words say you haven’t been on Facebook for long and you wish to see someone’s posts and this is where the feature will help you. All you need to do is to go to your desired person’s profile, hit ‘’following’’ option and ‘’See First’’ option will pop up, just click it and you will get all the posts of that person on the top of your news feed. Sounds cool, right? So the question of missing posts from them doesn’t arise now.

Convert Profile Into Page:

A profile is different from a page while we can say profile as a personal asset, the page can be rightly called as a professional asset which mostly is used for promoting business. And still if you wish you can convert the profile as a page. Doing so is bit advantageous as you can promote your business more. All you need to do is go to ‘’profile’’ then to ‘’page migration’’ and click on the easy steps and your profile will be your page. Facebook gives you 14 days grace period to move all your personal info from the profile. If you wish you can as well delete the page also within the given time.

Save Now Read Later:

At times, we are in a hurry and we have no time to read our wall or posts and this is where this feature will be of help. Using this feature you will not miss out any post. All you need to do is click on the post you need to save, it will direct to that particular post and you will have ‘’˅’’ symbol click it and you will get a ‘’save post’’, click it and the post gets saved instantly for you to read later.

Download Data Copy:

Using this feature one can download the copy of the whole Facebook data. Doing so will help you to monitor your profile and your whole Facebook data can be stored. Here is the simple process:

Login into account

Click account settings

Click general account settings

Click on download a copy of Facebook data present at the end.

Looks easy…right?

Now, what are you waiting for log into your personal accounts and check these Facebook features list?

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