Have you got these natural disaster apps

Technology has made life easier and merrier. With the growth of technology, the world has become a global village. But still despite this tremendous advancement in technology nature could not be conquered. It always has some challenge or the other for the human race in the form of emergencies and disasters. To some extent, we can trace such natural calamities using some apps. Here are few apps that will come handy for you as they send alerts to your smart devices during natural disasters. Here let us see some of those disaster warning apps that notify us on natural emergencies.

Here we go with 5 disaster alert apps that come handy for in emergencies.

Disaster radar:

This has gained popularity as a real-time app that quickly sends alerts during natural disasters. As on date this has alerted people hundreds of times regarding the natural calamities, let the natural calamity name be what so ever.

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Disaster alert:

This app is one app that alerts us whenever a natural disaster hits. No matter wherever the disaster takes place it will send an alert to us. It easily identifies the spot where the disaster had taken place. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, or for that matter lava eruptions whatever the kind of natural disaster it is, it will notify within seconds.

Tsunami alert:

This app alerts whenever chances of the tsunami are high. It sends alerts to people in America and Canada. Along with these two it even alerts people in the surrounding areas of Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and also Caribbean Ocean. One can find pinpointed information regarding tsunamis using this app. You can see the report from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration using this app. This will enable you to move to a safer place in case you are near the tsunami area zone.

Natural disaster monitor:

This app will notify regarding the natural calamities that take place across the globe. It will also signify the intensity of the disaster using colors such as green, orange and red. Each one of the color specifies the intensity and severity of the disaster.

UB alert-Disaster alert:

This app is highly useful for people who stay in zones that are frequently prone to natural calamities. This app is not only useful in knowing the information regarding disasters, but it will also help in sharing the known information in social sites within a fraction of seconds. This way you can alert your dear ones and also let know your information to others.

So have all the above or one of the above app in your phones so that you don’t panic in emergencies. After all natural calamities don’t knock and come.

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