Hair styling ideas for working women

The number of working women is increasing day by day. In fact they are on par with men. As working women they have many things to attend, both in office and home. They have many works that seek their attention both professionally and personally. Their work involves being housewife, mother and an employee and with this tight schedule it is difficult for working women to save time for their beauty. Unfortunately they also need to look decent and attractive for professional needs. One easy way to look attractive and decent is to maintain proper hair, as hair alone can do away with many odds with beauty and make you look attractive…here are few easy and effective hair tips for working women to follow…

1) Dry shampoo:

Many of the working women don’t have sufficient time for good hair bath. So, it is always best to use dry shampoo. Just spray the shampoo near the hair follicles and clean it after half a minute. Using dry shampoo will make the hair shiny and remove off the grease and dirt from hair.

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2) Head band:

Always use a good hair band, let it be not the one that you use in office to bind files and other stuff such as bands made of rubber, use a good head band to keep the hair in place, using head band will also save the hair from getting tangled. A good head band will also keep the hair not to fall on the forehead. Use metallic headbands at night and a headband with flowers during office hours.

3) Salt spray:

Salt spray gives shine and radiance to the hair instantly. All you need to get bouncy hair is to spray salt spray evenly on the hair. Take care that each and every hair strand gets the spray.

4) A big ‘’NO’’ to rubber bands:

Many of the women have the habit of using rubber bands to fasten the hair and keep them rigid at a single place. This habit should be stopped as soon as that as using rubber bands can cause damage to hair. They weaken the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

5) Sun protection:

Do you take care of the skin from sun’s harmful rays then you should also take care of the hair from them as they can be equally dangerous on hair as they are on skin. Exposing hair to sun rays will damage the hair and make them dull. There are many sprays, creams and also masks especially designed for hair, make use of them while you expose the hair to sun.

6) Scarf is compulsory:

Having scarf on the head will save the hair from air and dust pollution. One should also keep the hair loose; once you remove the scarf hair would get sweaty due to scarf. Keep the hair loose for some time and fasten them if you wish.

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