Hair oils that naturally obstruct hair fall

Hair undoubtedly adds beauty to all irrespective of sex. It gives flawless appeal to shape and adds beauty to face. But as we age hair fall becomes rampant more importantly in men and at times it may even lead to baldness also. Loss of hair not only deglamourizes a person but can also bring a sense of insecure feeling.

There are many treatments and products available in market to treat hair fall but not all are safe, some come with side effects. So going natural is one best option and one way to go natural is using oils form nature. There are many kinds of oils present in nature that act effectively on hair fall. Here are natural oils for hair loss. Let us see how to use them.

To understand why one faces hair fall one should first know the causes of hair fall. The following are the causes of hair fall.

1)    Untidy hair and unclean habits are main reasons for hair fall. As we all know improper diet is also one main culprit. Eating too much of deep oil fired foods and sweet foods causes heavy hair fall.

2)    Increased strain on brain and body, harmful chemical shampoos, improper atmosphere, constipation and lack of proper sleep also causes hair fall.

3)    When the body lacks proper nutrition also hair fall occurs.

4)    Straining the hair by sporting different hairstyles and frequent using of hair driers and blowers also causes hair fall.

The following are the oils that one can use to stop hair fall.

Take 100 grams of coconut oil and keep boiling it. Take fistful of curry leaves and add one leaf at a time till you place all the leaves in the oil. Keep steaming the oil till the leaves turn into charcoal black. Remove the oil from stove once the oil turns into black color. Cool the oil and start using it daily on hair, this coconut oil and curry leaves concoction is good in reducing hair fall. It will also fight dandruff and grey hair, Apart from using curry leaves in oil; also keep using these leaves in curry or other foods where ever possible.

Take few Indian gooseberries, cut them into pieces and allow them to dry, followed by this boil these dry pieces in 100 grams of coconut oil. Next filter the oil and start using it on hair for good hair growth. This oil will also give strong and shiny hair.  There are also other benefits associated with this oil: it will reduce the body’s heat and give good sleep.

Take 100 grams of Mustard seeds oil and add 25 grams of henna to it, boil them for some time and filter the oil. Keep applying this oil for long and black hair.

Note: All the above hair oils and treatments will give results when they are at least used for minimum of 6 months. So make sure that you apply any of these oils for the 6 months period.

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