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A new You, everyday!

A lot about looking gorgeous has to do with the hair you wear. Good hair quality, a prim and proper haircut and the right hairstyle can take you from Plane Jane to Glam Doll in an instant. Whether you want to do up your hair in a knot or wear it loosely on your shoulders, whether you’d like bangs or want tight curls- the trick doesn’t take much if you possess the right hair care essentials. Nobody can afford to take trips to the salon every now and then, but with the right hair care tools, you can experiment with a gamut of different hairstyles and wear a fresh look, everyday. Below is a list of eleven hair care must haves for a new you, everyday!

The ideal Hair Care Box

Boar bristle brush                                        

Hair care experts say that are hair and scalps would be a lot healthier if we brushed more often and used the right hairbrush. A good hairbrush may come a little pricey, but it is wise to invest in one rather than buy the cheap alternatives because they last longer, help to carry the hair oils from your scalp straight to the tip of your hair, leaving them nourished and last, but not the least, spares your hair from being tugged at and damaged. A boar bristle brush is one of the combs you must include in your hair care kit. Most of them will have a rubber base and a mixture of boar’s head bristles and synthetic bristles, that allow them to flex and cause less damage to your hair. And whether you want to wear a sleek smart ponytail or flaunt your hair in cascading waves- they can engineer it just right!

Ceramic round brush

A round brush is one of the hair accessories that can add  volume to your hair. A good ceramic round brush can actually bring down your drying time, lowering exposure to heat and you can also use it to curl or flatten your hair, eliminating the need for a curling/ flat iron. Just curl your hair around the brush to get bouncy waves; or roll off the brush for a sleek, straight look.

Hair dryer

A good blow dryer gives the impact of salon treated hair. Choose the right blow dryer for your hair and choose a good quality one that can lessen the drying time, lowering damage from excessive exposure to heat.

A curling iron and/or a flat iron

If you have straight hair, curling irons can help you sport occasional ringlets or waves. A flat iron is one of the indispensable hair care products for curly hair that helps tame unruly curls or frizz. A flat iron with ceramic plates is considered safest for your hair.


Mom was right. We all need hair oil. Picking the right oil is important- one that doesn’t give your hair a greasy look or weigh it down, rather adds moisture and shine to it. A luxurious moisturizing oil can add softness and shine to your hair, while also cutting down drying time. Hot oil treatment is very good for those with dry hair.

The right shampoo

It is important to pick the right shampoo for your hair. Identify your hair type- whether dry, normal and oily and choose a shampoo formulated for your type. A shampoo that is formulated for dry hair can be disastrous if you use it on oily hair. Those with dry hair don’t need to shampoo often, for people with oily hair, a mild shampoo every other day should be good. If you color your hair, a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is the best.

The right conditioner

Unless you have very fine hair that loses appeal on applying cream conditioners, conditioning your hair after every wash is an imperative. Not only do they help to moisturize your hair and keep them tangle-free, they also protect your hair from heat and chemicals.

Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner acts as a primer before applying styling products to your hair. So it’s important even if you’ve used a regular conditioner in the shower. Also, it keeps the hair hydrated and helps your comb zip through the ends with ease.

Dry shampoo

Most of us don’t shampoo our hair every day, in fact it is not required. But leaving your hair without shampoo for a couple of day can lead to greasy hair and a smelly scalp. This is where dry shampoo comes to the rescue- a good dry shampoo helps absorb the oil between subsequent washes and also adds volume. A good alternative is a pinch of talcum powder, but you must be careful of not using too much on the part and hairline. Also, it is more suitable for light-colored hair than on dark hair.

Deep hair mask if you have dry hair

You could include a good hair mask in your kit if you have dry hair. Just squeeze the extra water out of your hair after a shampoo and apply the mask evenly. You can use a comb to apply the mask properly from crown to tip. Let it rest for some time and rinse off completely.

Hair Spray

A good hair spray is required for the finishing touches- to keep your hair the way it is without getting tangled and unruly. You could use a styling spray to tame your frizz or add volume. If you want tantalizing hair waves, you could use some seal salt spray or if you’re using hot tools, be sure to include a heat protectant spray!

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