Gunkanjima Island: What to see in this ghost island?

Though Japan is a small country its tourist attractions are no less. One such never to miss out Japan tourist attraction is Gunkanjima island. In this present article let us see all the facts about Gunkanjima island.

1) Gunkanjima Island is 15 kilometers away from the city of Nagasaki.

2) As per Japanese language Gunkanjima connotes battleship.

3) It has derived its name as the island is in the shape of a battleship.

4) This island has coal mines in leaps and bounds.

5) This island is also known as Hashima Island.

6) It is spread in 16 acres of land.

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7) In the year 1887 the presence of huge coal mines was traced.

8) Beginning from 1890 to 1974 (84 years) coal was dug out without leaving a single day.

9) The labor engaged in digging of coal mine also included Koreans apart from Japanese. In and around nearly 6000 people were laborers at a point.

10) At a one point it was also the most densely populated place in Japan.

11) From 1916, the island saw progress. Mitsubishi Company started constructing homes, hospitals and schools for the employees.

12) In the year 1974 Mitsubishi Company officially announced stopping of coal mining in the island.

13) From this year, onwards the downfall of the island has started. Neither people visited nor the localities stayed back in the island.

14) Buildings and factory related machinery started degrading slowly and as such it came to be known as ghost island of Japan.

15) Post 35 years, i.e., in the year 2009 April 22nd the Japan government started to develop it as a tourist spot. But still Gunkanjima island tour was confined only to some parts of the island in the beginning. Visitors had no chance of seeing the entire island.

16) Till 2002, the island was under the guardianship of Mitsubishi Company.

17) Till 2005 only media personnel and journalists were allowed into the Hashima Island. From 2009, even the common public was permitted into the island. Since then it has been visited by thousands of tourists and has gained popularity as one of the best tourist attractions of Japan.

18) In 2009, the island was recognized as world heritage site by UNESCO.

19) In 2015 May, another region in this particular island was also recognized as world heritage site by UNESCO.

20) One more interesting fact is James Bond’s movie: Skyfall was shot in this island.

So now you have known what and why this island is famous for. You might not see breath-taking scenes there but for sure it is an island that should be visited keeping in view its heritages and industrialization.

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