Gum problems can make your life hell

Gum problems can havoc life. We need healthy gums for complete oral health. Gum problems can cause major health problems if left untreated. Here are all the vital facts you need to know about gums and their protection.

Causes of gum damage

Knowing what causes gum problems can save your health and also your money. Here few most common causes that lead to gum problems.

•    The plaque formed on teeth is the first culprit for gum decay. It will lead to weak teeth as it affects the relation between gums and teeth.

•    This plaque if left as such will work along with bacteria present in the mouth and make things worse. This phase is called as gingivitis. Even brushing regularly cannot make the problem go away. Pain and bleeding of gums during brushing becomes common if one has gingivitis. As the days proceed the bacteria will eat off gums and make the teeth weak. This situation is known as periodontitis. This will eventually lead to teeth fall.

•    The one more important cause for gum decay is lack of proper oral care and diabetes. Normally gum problems arise after 45 years, but in case you have diabetes then chances are that you many get affected by 35 years.

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Home treatments for gum problems:

One of the main treatment options that are easy and effective is proper oral care. When there is good oral hygiene then gum problems will not easily attack. Along with these following the below-mentioned things is also essential.

•    Brushing twice daily is one way to keep at bay all the problems related to gum infections. Everyday morning and night the teeth should be brushed properly.

•    Flushing should also be done regularly. Flushing is nothing but cleaning the gaps between teeth.

•    Soon after eating, mouth should be cleaned well by swirling water in the mouth.

•    One more important care is to see to that plaque doesn’t arise. One should also check whether the mouth is cleaned well or not. Each and every part of the teeth should be checked thoroughly and brushed.

•    While brushing, brush should be rotated in circular motions.

•    Even the gums should be cleaned while brushing and the brush should not be pressed hard against teeth.

Treatment for gum problems:

Treating gingivitis is bit easy and all you need is scaling to remove the plaque. If the problem is in periodontitis then along with scaling route planning is also needed. If it is more serious then flap surgery is needed.

All these treatments need to be done under able dentist to avoid complications.

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