Guidelines for breastfeeding moms

Being mother is completely different from being a woman. The body and the mind undergo drastic changes post delivery. This is common for every new mom and there is nothing to panic. Here are few tips for new moms on how to take care of themselves.

Tips to increase milk production:

•    Take more liquid foods.

•    Avoid sweets, ghee and cheese products.

•    Take balanced diet filled with vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses and millets.

•    Drink 3 to 4 glasses of milk daily.

•    Eat more apples, guavas and pomegranates.

•    Take almonds, oats and garlic regularly.

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How to store breast milk?

Normally when there is no frequent breastfeeding the milk produced gets stored in the breasts. When this happens hardness of them can be seen and also the milk gets into solid form or may get leaked. This leads to wastage of milk, so to save from this situation the following tips can be implemented.

•    We find certain types of containers specially made to store the milk. Clean them well and store in them.

•    To secrete the milk, press the breasts with fingers or you can as well use a suction pump.

•    Generally the milk stays fresh for 6 hours at room temperature.

•    If you wish to store them for 8 hours then place the container in a fridge. Don’t store in the fridge door. Place it in fridge cabin.

•    Don’t directly use the fridge stored milk to feed. Stay till the milk comes down to room temperature.

•    Feed the child with clean feeder.

Tips for breastfeed:

•    When you feed your child see that the nose of the child does not touch your body. To say it in more simple terms, you should not feed the baby by resting him/her on your body.

•    The proper way of feeding is to place the child on your breasts by sitting on a chair and laying back.

•    Never feed the baby only on one side. Keep changing the breasts for every 10 minutes.

•    Never do the mistake of laying the baby soon after feeding. Take the baby on your shoulder and move your hand on the back of the baby for few minutes. This will release the gas that went into the stomach along with the milk.

Tips for nipple and breast care:

Nipple care should begin even before giving delivery.

•    Always wear brasserie at night. If you don’t then the breast muscles will lose their stiffness.

•     Never massage the breasts or nipples. Doing so will affect the womb.

•    Post three months after getting conceived see that the nipples don’t get stuck up in the breasts. Use your fingers to slowly bring them to the normal place.

Follow all these tips and you can have your health and also your baby’s health.

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