Grow more plants in less space

Who does not like greenery around? Every one of us wishes to have more plants and more greenery but sadly the space is the biggest drawback for the wish. We wish more greenery because it is the easiest way of recreation and also to stay away from pollution. Don’t worry if you have less space around your home. Follow these easy plantation ideas for more plants and live in green surroundings.

•    Prefer to plant more of plants that require space. This way you can grow many plants belonging to different species in lesser space.

•    While choosing flower pots keep an eye on the size and shape of them. When you have a proper idea about the space you have, you can come to clear understanding of how many pots you can place and of what size suits the best.

•    Before setting on to plant plants, first know whether direct planting of plants in soil is more convenient or planting in pots is more a better way. Once you come to a decision then begin plantations. If you feel direct planting of plants in soil is more advantageous and allows you to grow more plants then prefer soil plantation or you can go for pot plantations if this lets you grow more plants.

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•    Basing on your preference you can go for herbal plants, decorative plants, fruit plants or for that matter aromatic flower plants. Whatever the kind of plants you choose the core theme should be maximum space utilization.

•    If giving more attraction to your home is your main motto behind going greenery then plan to plant different types of flower plants that blossom different flowers in different colors.

•    In case you have more space in your front yard then prefer to plant one big plant surrounded by as many small plants as possible. This way you are giving a varied look.

•    The easiest tips to grow more plants while combating less space is to frame the balconies with grill. When you have a grill in balconies then you are having more space to go green. You can use this space to keep small sized pots or you can as well grow creepers.

•    Mild and dark colored plants suit well for garden with less space. Design your garden such that you have dark plants at the front of the garden and light plants in the rear.

•    You can as well make your homes attractive by growing indoor plants. Search for those kinds of plants that don’t occupy more space.

•    If possible give space for 2 or 3 aromatic plants so that you can have a pleasing atmosphere in your homes.

•    You can as well make use of roofs to grow plants. Buy hanging plant pots and grow little plants that don’t grow too much in height.

Follow all these tips and you can easily live in more greenery in lesser space.

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