Green tea and its benefits in older people

With the onset of old age all sorts of diseases start to creep in thereby making you fall sick quite often. There is one simple and effective way to keep away many of the diseases with one single drink and that drink is: GREEN TEA. As per studies drinking green tea in your old age will bring you lot many health benefits. Here let us see the benefits of drinking green tea in old age.

According to a study conducted by a university in Japan people aged 65 and above had positive health by drinking green tea daily when compared to those who had no green tea. The health benefits observed by them are as follows.

Increased activity of brain:

The brain had increased function when green tea was consumed. The amino acids and L-thianine present in it had paved way to increased functioning of the brain. The caffeine content is also low in green tea and as such it can be taken two to three times in a day.

Decreased fat content:

The changed lifestyle habits and unhealthy diet habits are pushing people closer to obesity and obesity related problems day by day and one way to keep away from this is to drink green tea regularly. On need not do all the gimmicks like aerobics and eating less to reduce obesity, what all is needed to keep in check obesity is to drink green tea. Green tea increases metabolism rate and also reduces cholesterol in lesser time when compared to other methods.

Obstructs cancer:

The one disease that is being affecting people in high ratio next to AIDS is cancer. The rate of deaths caused due to cancer is increasing day by day in all ages and regions irrespective of gender. The uncontrolled growth of cancer cells can be easily kept in check by drinking green tea. According to doctors the high antioxidant levels present in green tea obstruct the growth of cancer cells in the body. This has been proven in many studies. So along with medications also use green tea randomly to fight cancer.

Fights tooth decay:

One commonly faced problem in old people is tooth decay. According to studies drinking minimum one cup of green tea daily will save you from tooth decay and other oral related problems. It also reduces bad breath from mouth.

Protects heart:

The number of people being affected with heart problems is being increased day by day. According to studies green tea has the nature of controlling LDL in people and as we know lowering LDL is very important to fight heart problems. So to fight heart problems stop drinking coffee and tea and start drinking green tea in more numbers.

Warning: Of course drinking green tea is good but it will led to negative effects when the quantity crosses more than four cups in a day and also it should be not taken with certain kind of medicines, so it is better to consume green tea after consulting doctor if you are being medicated.

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