Gout can lead to erectile dysfunction

Gout is one disease that brings pain not only to the body but also to life as it hampers day to day life. The reason behind gout can be either due to increased amount of uric acid production in the body or due to intake of foods that are high in uric acid. Whatever the reasons behind gout, it is a deadly disease and it runs for longer duration if left as such. Apart from this effects of gout in general are also very risky for good health. Here are all the things you should know about gout.

What is gout?

The accumulation of uric acid in the joints leads to gout and to be more precise, Hyperuricemia or increased amount of uric acid in the blood is the reason behind it. Hyperuricemia alone cannot be held responsible for it; even consumption of high uric acid foods too leads to gout. It is associated with severe pain and swelling in the joints.

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Normally the kidneys send out the uric acid out of the body in healthy people. The problem arises when the food is rich in uric acid and the kidney fails to dispose of it from the body. These uric acids turn into crystals and accumulate in joints and bones, leading to pain. This situation is nothing but gout.

Normally the sign and symptoms associated with it are pain, swelling and inflammation of joints. The pain begins near toe and with the lapse of time it spreads to knee, backbone and many other parts of the body. The pain associated with this is so severe when compared to other kinds of pains.

Does gout lead to sexual problems?

Yes, says the reports. According to them nearly 30 percent of men suffer from erectile dysfunction if they have gout. The reason behind this is simple the blood vessels get affected and this in turn leads to sexual and erection problems. Not only sexual problems, gout health issues can as well include heart problems. Gout patients are more prone to fall prey to blood pressure and heart attacks. Kidney is also one organ that can easily be affected due to this.

Tips to control gout:

The easiest way to control out is to stay away from the foods that cause uric acid accumulation in the body. It is always a safe bet to stay away from non-vegetarian foods such as meat and pork as they are high in uric acid levels. Cauliflower and soy products should be kept at bay as far as vegetarian foods are concerned. Medicines such as aspirin, niacin and levodopa should be avoided.

All in all gout is one kind of disease that can easily hamper your life, so take very care to control it. As by now you would have known what gout health risks are. It can affect other parts of the body and lead to another kind of diseases.

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