Glimpse of IPL Hair Removal Method Advantages and Disadvantages

The hair on head adds beauty but what about hair on unwanted parts of the body? It irks it really irks especially in the case of women. Unwanted hair on lips, cheeks, legs and hands for women can literally be irksome. And this is where many of the women depend on both temporary and permanent hair removal methods such as laser treatment and intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatment. No matter whether you go for laser hair removal or IPL it is better to know what actually they are. And here we shall focus briefly on IPL hair removal.

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What is IPL hair removal?

In simpler terms, it is a hair removing process to permanently stop the growth of the hair by making use of varied light frequencies to harm the hair follicles and finally stop the hair growth.

Well, when looked upon it seems very much easy but as everything even this hair removal treatment comes with pros and cons. Let us have a look on them

Disadvantages of IPL hair removal:


It is considered to be one of the most costly hair removal treatments and requires expert dermatologists to carry out this process. Even post the treatment there will be many routine screening tests that could cause a heavy dent to the purse.

Many sessions:

This treatment is not one sitting kind and there will be multiples sessions by the time the treatment is finished. Nearly 6 sessions are required for the effective outcome and also many precautions such as not waxing, plucking and other things should be followed.

May cause skin problems:

It can sometimes really be a disaster to the skin as it causes damages to melanocytes (color pigmentation cells) and this, in turn, leads to tan and other patches on the skin.

In addition to these, this may not be effective on lighter hair such as blonde and white. And more importantly, it may also be not effective on lighter toned skin.

Having known the side effects of IPL hair removal process, let us see the advantages of IPL hair removal.

Lesser hair growth:

This hair removal treatment gets to the base of the problem by aiming the pigment and annihilating the hair follicle. Hair, as we know, grows in successive stages, however, once the follicle is routed out during the “growth” stage, hair’s life cycle is undersized and it is discarded. And this says that as the treatment plan moves ahead, you will begin noticing lesser recurring hair growth over the lapse of time.

It is more effectual:

It is considered as the most trustworthy hair removal procedure not only in permanent method but also in temporary hair removal process. It can reach the places where waxing or shaving cannot and so chances of a perfect finish are guaranteed.

Lesser ingrown hairs:

Shaving only cuts the hair at bluntest length, letting the skin to grow ingrown hairs, infection, or at times skin’s discoloration. But this is not the situation with IPL as it uses the most advanced technology to route out the whole hair follicle thereby lessening the chances of harsh inborn hair.

Saves time:

Though it has many sessions it is more time saving as far as temporary hair removal methods are considered. It targets for permanent hair removal solution and so by the end of all the sittings the need of going for waxing and other things reduces drastically and thus you save time. In addition, skin damages are also few.

And finally one of the best benefits of IPL hair removal method is it works wonders on thick and black hair in addition to being effective on dark skin tones.

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