Give your tummy the best chicken recipe tastes

Many of us are under the impression that chicken is not healthy and also takes a lot of time for cooking. This is just actually wrong. Chicken is healthy. It comes with many of the proteins needed for the body. Yes at times preparing it takes time but not always. Here are 2 recipes that are healthy, yummy and also easier to make as they take less time. Try them and see the magic they give to your taste buds.

1) Chicken pancakes:

Ingredients needed:

•    2 tablespoons of pastry flour

•    Required amount of salt to give taste

•    2 eggs

•    4 teaspoons of sugar

•    ½ cup of milk

•    1 teaspoon of garlic pieces

•    2 tablespoons of onion pieces

•    250 grams of chicken (should be made into semi-solid paste by grinding)

•    ½ teaspoon of green chili sauce

•    1 teaspoon of Soya sauce

•    ½ teaspoon of pepper powder

•    ½ teaspoon of white vinegar

•    Required amount of oil for preparation

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Preparation method:

•    As said above the chicken should be made into semi-solid paste by blending or grinding

•    Take oil in a pan. Heat it. Once the oil comes to rolling heating point  add onion pieces and garlic pieces. Fry them well

•    Add chicken to it. Add correct amount of salt and boil it

•    Once you are sure that chicken has been boiled well add pepper powder, soya sauce, green chili sauce and also vinegar

•    Allow all of them to boil for a minute and keep aside

•    Take one more bowl, add salt, sugar, pastry flour, and egg. Keep mixing them well so that they don’t get into solid form

•    Add milk to the egg mix and make it into slippery form

•    Take fry pan and add oil. Take the egg mix and spread it on the pan. You should spread it as you spread to make tortillas

•    Once the below side is fried change the side and heat again

•    Now place the chicken filling in the middle

•    Roll over the fried tortilla. Prick it with a toothpick and eat hot

2) Chicken tortillas:

Ingredients needed:

•    ½ cup of onion

•    1 spoon of butter

•    Half spoon of garlic powder

•    ½ cup milk cream

•    4 green chilies (cut them into pieces)

•    1 ½ cup of chicken breast pieces

•    ½ cup of milk

•    4 tortillas

Preparation method:

Heat butter in a pan. Add chicken pieces to it and fry well. Take another pan and add garlic powder, onion, cream and chilies. Fry them on low flames. Once this is boiled well add chicken pieces to it. Add cheese and boil for 10 minutes. Now the chicken part is ready. Make it into 4 equal parts and stuff each part in one tortilla and eat.

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