Give the body the much needed vitamins for complete health

Vitamins are something like petrol to vehicles. They are very essential and are needed to carry on healthy life. Here we go with the list of vitamins and benefits.

Vitamin A:

Despite your good health condition in general lack of correct eye health can ruin your life and this is where you need vitamin A. In order to have correct and fair eyesight and also good health of the eyes take all care not to lessen vitamin A in the body. Apart from the eyes’ health it is also very important for healthy skin. The body needs vitamin A to keep the skin healthy and wrinkle free. Not only health of skin and eyes, we also need it to enhance and keep intact the immunity system. The foods rich in vitamin A are carrots, green leafy vegetables, eggs and sweet potatoes. So include these in your diet regularly. Every now and then vitamin A capsules too can be taken.

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Vitamin B:

This vitamin is highly useful to keep the body and brain sharp. When the body is given enough vitamin B it will stay active and fresh all day long. It wards off fatigue and also keeps the muscles strong. Foods such as rice, chicken, banana, fish and wheat products are high in vitamin B. All the pulses are also high in vitamin B.

Vitamin C:

All of us know the vitality and essence of vitamin C in protecting, maintaining and increasing the immunity power. Sluggishness in immunity will lead to weak health and the body falls easily into the trap to petty health problems. So to maintain daily health, have sufficient amount of vitamin C. All the citrus related fruits such as lemon, orange, Indian gooseberry, tomato, and papaya are high in vitamin C.

Vitamin D:

As you grow in age your bones tend to become weak and so they become more vulnerable. This can be kept in check to some extent by eating vitamin D rich foods. Not only this you even need vitamin D to keep the bones hail and healthy, in general. This vitamin is highly essential for the re-growth of broken and fractured bones. Remember one thing, lack of vitamin D leads to lack of calcium, the much-needed thing for healthy bones. Eggs, milk, yogurt, fish and all kinds of fruits are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin E:

This is popularly known as beauty vitamin. If you wish to stop aging then this vitamin is mandate. It helps in keeping the hair and skin radiant and beautiful. This vitamin is present in nuts, tomato, almonds and other kinds of dry fruits. So take these if you wish to be attractive and ageless. This vitamin is also available in capsules, try them.

We have given you the list of vitamins and their functions along with list of foods that are rich sources for different vitamins. Now it’s your turn to include them in your diet list and be healthy.

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