Give home a new look with different types of cushions

Cushions are one accessory that easily helps us to relax no matter whether we are sitting or sleeping. When they help us so much in relaxing we should know how to choose the right cushions. Choosing correct cushions can be hectic task as they come in different sizes and different colors but we will make it easy for you. Here are some tips to select cushions for your home based on the type and size and also the furniture and room makeup.

1) Toss throw cushions:

As the name suggests they can be used with anything and everything. They can just be thrown on sofas, chairs and beds and used. This type of cushions makes the furniture look bright and colorful. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

2) Knife edge cushions:

These have got their name as they are square in shape and have sharp edged corners. They are mostly used for decorative purposes rather than for comforting. Keep small sized edged cushions in a row in the living room window from where you can see the garden. Doing so will give new look to living room. They can as well be placed on long sofas horizontally for extra looks of them. They go well with decorative side tables placed adjacent to walls. Place them along with decorative items to see magnified beauty.

3) Box cushions:

The word box here doesn’t mean that they are always box shaped. They can as well be in round and oval shapes as some of them have contrast piping in the edges. The only difference between this kind of cushions and other kinds is these are little bigger in breadth and so are more cozy and comfortable. The other types of cushions mostly look like pillows. This type of cushions looks attractive when the cushion cover has single color all through with contrast colors at the edges.

4) Lounge cushions:

These totally look like pillows. The edges have extended fabric spread nearly for 2 inches as can be seen in pillows. The extended material comes with contrast colors to the central color and this makes it look elegant. Even stitching the mid part of the cushions with satin ribbons and laces will also increase the looks. They are extremely good to decorate the bed.

5) Piped cushions:

In this type of cushions piping is main attraction. Generally the whole body of the cushion has identical color and the piping has different color. Amongst all the types of cushions these look really appealing and so are mostly used for decorative purposes. They are used to hang on the walls of living room and also hanged in the backyard entrance.

6) Embellished cushions:

These cushions are showy and so are used mostly for decorating and brightening up the rooms. Thy embroidery works are the main attraction for them. They can be used to decorate the furniture.

Having said all now you decide which cushion type fits your needs and magnifies your home and furniture.

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