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White teeth not only depicts one’s personal hygiene but also says about oral hygiene. Due to many factors teeth loses its natural whiteness and turns yellowish. This yellow color of the teeth can be avoided by using some simple home remedies….here are few natural remedies to make your teeth whiter. Follow these natural tips and get dazzling white teeth.

  1. Generally in tooth whitening a kind of chemical called as Malic acid is used, it is present in rich quantities in apples. So the one easy way to treat yellow teeth is to eat apples regularly. And eating apples is double benefit: You whiten teeth and also keep the doctor away.
  2. Even eating crispy vegetables is also of same use; eat vegetables such as carrot and cucumber on regular basis to get Malic acid’s benefit.
  3. The traces of food particles that remain in mouth after eating can also cause the teeth to go yellow. So use good amount of water to cleanse the mouth soon after eating something, gargle well and spit out the water.
  4. Since many ages’ people have been using strawberry pulp to whiten up the teeth, using this fruit pulp to rub the teeth will instantly whiten the teeth. These fruits have strong acids and sugars that can cause the teeth to deplete, so one precaution should be taken: Clean the mouth as soon you rub the teeth with strawberry pulp.
  5. Adding few drops of lemon juice to salt and rubbing the teeth using brush is one well known easy way to make teeth white naturally. Repeat this process for few days and you can see the teeth turning to white in few days. Even here you need to cleanse the teeth properly using toothpaste post brushing with lemon juice as lemon juice is citric in nature, the acids such as citric acid can easily cause damage to enamel.
  6. The mouth should always have saliva, which acts as a natural whitener of teeth. One way to increase saliva content in mouth is to eat dry grapes. Saliva will also remove the plaque from teeth.
  7. To have thick enamel we need calcium and phosphorus which are high in dairy products such as milk and curd. So keep eating curd and also drink milk regularly for health of enamel and also strong teeth. We need calcium for stronger teeth. Take a pinch of baking soda and same quantity of water and salt and mix properly. This is one natural teeth whitening way. And brush using this mix for a minute. Then gargle with water till the baking soda smell goes off. But this should be done only twice a week.
  8. Brushing with baking soda and lemon juice will also whiten the teeth naturally.
  9. One can make mouthwash using equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Using this regularly can whiten the teeth.

These are few easy and natural ways to have white teeth, follow them and smile in all white.

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