Get those stunner lips all by natural means

Every one of us wants to look beautiful. We wish we were all living icons of beauty. But it is not that easy to look beautiful and be an envy of others. You need to follow many things to look beautiful and also to maintain that beauty. You need good lifestyle, good eating habits and also good skin care to look beautiful. Despite following all the above things, there are many chances that you may not look beautiful as many factors come in amid you and your dream of being beautiful. One such factor is bad lips. You may have everything on earth that is fit enough to make you look gorgeous and attractive, but the simple fact of not having good lips nullifies all the other things that were otherwise fit enough for god looks.

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Not everyone has good lips by birth but by following certain fundamental care and tips you can get them in lesser time. There are many hurdles to get beautiful lips such as pollution, dust, eating habits and also changing seasons. Despite these many culprits, we can make your lips beautiful. All you need is to just follow these natural tips for beautiful lips.

•    Lips are prone to trouble more in winter seasons due to chill climate conditions. Cool climate is always bad for lips. It makes the lips dry and also chops them. When this is so the best lip care tip at home to protect the lips and keep them healthy and good looking is to use more moisturizers. Prefer natural moisturizers like ghee, cheese and coconut oil.

•    Keep massaging the lips gently using any one of the above each day morning as soon as you get up, this the best homemade lip care tips one can easily follow. Doing so will keep the lips moist and ward off dryness of them. This is also one way to keep the suppleness of your lips.

•    Dead skin cells and dirt are also two culprits both for the health and looks of lips. They make them look black and unclean. One way to remove them is to scrub them. Use little sugar and one tablespoon of honey to scrub lips. Mix them well till sugar dissolves in honey. Keep it as such for some time and use it on lips to scrub. Apply this mix on lips and scrub mildly in a circular motion. Wash with lukewarm water after 10 minutes. This will leave back stunningly good looking lips.

•    The one natural lip care tip for shiny lips is to make a lip exfoliator by mixing sugar, olive oil and honey. Rub this natural pack on lips for a week and you will be amazed to see red and shiny lips.

•    Cleaning the lips using 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice will do wonders for them. Apply the juice on lips and scrub for few minutes and wash off with water.

Follow all these natural beauty tips for lips and you can have shiny lips naturally.

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