Get the spa to your home

To indulge in out of the ordinary spa treatments regularly can be heavy on the pocket. Time too plays a major role in this tight packed lifestyle. So keeping these two in mind won’t it be good if you get spa benefits sitting in home. Here we go with few easy home spa ideas that can be done at homes and also save you on money.

1) Chocolate face mask:

Ingredients needed: Heavy cheese, cocoa, cottage cheese, almond dust and honey.

Preparation method:

Take 1/3rd cup of cocoa and mix three tsp-heavy cheese. Also add two teaspoons full cottage cheese along with quarter cup honey. Adding some quantity of almond dust is also advised but not mandatory. Mix all the ingredients well and evenly apply this mask on the face. Allow it to stay for fifteen minutes and rinse using warm water.

Benefits of this mask:

It just perfectly goes well for those who have normal skin; this particular face mask gives soft, silky and smooth face. The honey and cream present in it reposts the moisture onto the skin while oatmeal removes the dead cells from skin. One more added advantage you get is you can as well eat it as it is entirely made using edible things.

2) Manicure:

Ingredients needed: Scrubber, nail paint remover, cuticle pusher, filer, nail color, cuticle oil and moisturizer.

Preparation method:

Clean the hands with warm water. Remove the nail polish if present. Use the scrub to exfoliate the dead cells, rinse the hands and pat dry. Following this, file the nails to bring them to the wished length and shape. Once again soak the hands in lukewarm water prior to rubbing cuticle oil. Use a cuticle pusher that has soft tip to carry on this process. Apply moisturizer and glow the nails using your favorite nail polish.

Benefits of manicure:

The experience of manicure when it is done in a good spa is beyond doubt a revitalizing experience, even though it is obnoxiously priced. But we cannot forego this then what to do? Simple do it by yourself sitting in home and using some easily obtainable and not so costly things.

3) Aromatherapy:

Ingredients needed: Baking soda, sea salt, Epsom salt and also essential oil (chamomile or Vanilla).


Any kind of aromatherapy baths needs sea salt and Epsom salt each 1 part and 2 parts of baking soda. Mix them properly in a water tub and drop few drops of essential oil of your choice. Chamomile and vanilla scents are very famous. Soak in the water tub till you wish to see yourselves relaxed and fresh after stepping out.

Benefits of aromatherapy:

It makes use of the essential oils to heal ailments and give beautiful body. Essential oils are well known for their propriety of easing stress and also healing different kinds of infections too. Always keep as many essential oils as possible in your home and use them every weekend to pamper yourself.

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