Get the ease of walking in heels

Though heels give women a taller look and extra grace to walking they are not considered safe as they make walking difficult and also lead to health problems, more importantly to legs. But still they are in vogue and most desired accessory for women. Not only are they bad on health and difficult to walk but are also tough to wear and handle. Here are few helpful tips for walking in high heels.

Slip on your loved pair of heels:

Do you specially favor any pair of heels out of your shoe track, but face difficulty in slipping into them? No issues just put on them. Wearing heels is same like learning some new thing in life. It gives challenge and fun. The only effort you have to take is to get the proper size. In case you are afraid of directly slipping into extremely high heels prefer low size heels and make an effort to move ahead. Once you are sure you have mastered the art of walking in them gear up for something littler higher.

Break the bottoms:

Scratch the base of the soles using sandpaper. Though it may look sacrilegious to scratch a brand new pair of heels you have literally not worn, it will provide you with extra grip. And that should always be a better thing to walk.

Never be scared to sit:

Many women think it to be below dignity to sit when facing difficulty while walking. But actually there is neither wrong nor any below dignity in sitting. Wherever and whenever you can sit, just sit! That’s it. It’ll provide the feet a scope to relax and gives you more comfortable walk. In addition to giving you comfort sitting also gives you time to show off your great heels to others near you.

Be mindful of the body:

To walk stylishly in heels is not only the business of feet but involves whole body right form tip-to-toe. Relax the knees and hips, engage the abs, keep the shoulders rear, and hold the head elevated. It might look like an impossible asks at the beginning, but eventually you’ll get the rhythm.

Take smaller steps:

Always see to that you don’t overdo with long and quick strides. Wearing high heels will make your strides shorter naturally, so it requires you to take more number of steps than you normally make.

Heel comes first to toe:

While walking stride with the heel first and then the toes next. Doing so will give best gait and will also give you extra balance.

Test on different types of surfaces:

It will be a cakewalk if the whole world had equal and alike surface. But unfortunately it is not and this forces you to walk differently on different surfaces. Try to walk on grass, hardwood, concrete and tiles, by trying on different surfaces you are getting closer to perfect walk with heels on.

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