Get mesmerized in Germany’s Peacock Island

Once what was known as Rabbit Island is now called as Peacock Island. It was called Rabbit Island then due to the predominance of rabbits and it is now called Peacock Island as peacocks are more in number now. There are even hundreds of rare birds in the island. Let us now know the interesting facts about Peacock Island which is the best tourist attraction of Germany.

1) This island also known as Pfaueninsel is near the Havel River present in the city of Berlin in Germany. The island known as native land for peacocks is spread in 188 acres and is one of the UNESCO recognized heritage sites.

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2) More than hundreds of peacocks are being taken care of in this island. You can see peacocks everywhere, on the trees, near the river and also in gardens. They move as if they are kings of that island and dance in joy.

3) 900 types of birds and animals that belong to different races are present here. Every animal and bird is taken care with utmost care.

4) In 17th century, it was called as Rabbit Island. There were hundreds of them but with the passage of time they have become less in number but still even now they are considerably good in number in comparison to other animals.

5) In the last years of the 17th century a king named Elector Frederick had built a ruby glass factory. After many years, another king had set fire to this factory.

6) For nearly 100 years, no one has ever visited this island.

7) In 1793, a Prussian king, Frederick II had built a castle in this island. He had more liking for garden and so had developed a garden with lot many types of flowers.

8) Frederick III in 1824 had again built a fort in the style of the Italian villa. It is present even now after ages. He head more love for animals and so he tamed many animals in that island. He in person fed some animals; this shows his love for animals.

9) Frederick III had even passed an order which stated that visitors could visit the island for 3 days in a week. As the number of visitors increased a special train too was run from the nearby station.

10) Frederick IV had moved all the animals in the island to Berlin zoo.

11) In 1936, the closing ceremony of Olympics was held in this island by the German government. After 1965 many cinema shootings were also held in this island.

12) It was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1990.

13) If you wish to reach Peacock Island it is possible only in a small boat.

Do when in Germany don’t forget to visit this German tourist attraction.

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