Get healthy hair and skin the natural way

Skin and hair add glow to beauty and it is very essential to revamp them at least once a week. You need not go to spas nor use costly cosmetics to revamp them. All you need is to check for the grocery items in your kitchen. In this present article we will tip you on diet for them and also natural products that you can use from your kitchen to enhance their looks and health.

Here we go with home remedies for skin and hair…

Home remedies for damaged hair: Hair is always fragile and prone to many problems such as fall, splits, dryness, dandruff and also reduced thickness. All these problems can be handled by just sitting in home and following home remedies to treat hair….

1) Massage the hair at least once using coconut oil or olive oil, this will increase blood flow in the scalp and increase the volume of hair.

2) Make lifestyle changes, avoid bad lifestyle habits such as sleeping late nights, sleeping late in nights should be stopped as soon as that. Lack of sleep will enhance hair fall according to beauticians, so sleeping well is one of the natural remedies for hair’s health.

3) There are also many antioxidant formulas available in Ayurveda and homeopathy that are not bad to health, use them as supplements to cure any imbalance diet effects.

4) Make a paste either by using banana pulp or smashed fenugreek seeds with water. Apply either of the paste on hair and wash after an hour. It will lessen hair fall.

5) Cutting hair edges every now and then will save the hair from splits.

6) Grey hair can be warded off by using henna or some natural colors.

7) If you have dry hair, drink a glass of buttermilk everyday without fail and also keep the body hydrated. Massage the hair often. Make a paste using yogurt and banana pulp, apply it to hair and wash it off after an hour, this will leave behind silky hair.

Apart from following all these home remedies one should also eat good diet that is rich in calcium. Eat eggs and nuts that have folic acids and vitamin E, which are essential for good hair.

Natural remedies for beautiful skin: Skin can just be dazzled by using many handy home remedies present in kitchen. Here are some of them.

1) When the face faces pimple problems use cumin seed paste on pimples or drinking cumin seeds water is also good to fight pimples as pimples are the effect of improper digestion. And cumin seeds water will increase digestion.

2) Applying milk powder by adding some water to face is one home remedies for healthy skin as it cures oiliness of face.

3) Use a paste made of turmeric powder, lemon juice and water on scars to evade the scars in no time.

4) The skin tan can be reduced drastically by using tomato juice or orange juice.

5) Using paste made of pounded oats and lemon juice will cure blackheads.

Apart from all the above eat good foods for skin’s glow.

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