Gear up to take care of your eyes

All of us has 5 sensory organs and amongst all of them eyes are very sensitive and can easily get damaged if proper care is not taken. As we take care of our skin so also should the eyes be taken care of or else as said you can easily damage them. Eye care goes a long way in defining your wellness and health. The more your eyes are taken care of the more you will ease life. Here we shall see how to take care of eyes.

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Eye pack:

Your eyes also need packs as your skin needs. There are different ways of giving the effect of a pack to your eyes. The first sign that your eyes need a pack is they easily get tired and you will find it hard to look at things. As soon as you sense this it is time for eye packs. The best things that are good eye packs are cucumbers, milk and ice. You can cut a cucumber into round slices and place them on eyes. This way you can easily do away eye strain and also eye burning. Even dipping cotton in milk or buttermilk is best way. Allow the cotton to stay for ten minutes and remove it off. Or simply place ice cubes wrapped in soft cloth. Any of the mentioned can rejuvenate your eyes. Rosewater is also none less to the above. All these cool up the eyes.


If your body needs sunscreens your eyes need sunglasses. They are the eye protection indispensible in summer. Sun is the best culprit for eye damage and its intensity is even higher during summers. So prefer to cover your eyes with sunglasses when you are in sun. If your budget can allow you polarized sunglasses then it can care the best to your eyes. Prefer wrap around types. These can easily save the eyes from dust too.

Use cold water:

Eye care tips for summer are never complete without correct hydration of the body. Every now and then wash your eyes with cold water. Splash cold water against your eyes every time you feel they are tired. As soon as you get up you need to do this as your priority thing.

Swimming time:

Even while you swim you should protect the eyes. So that salt water does not affect the eyes. As soon as you have finished swimming it is better you clean eyes with fresh water.

Dry eyes:

You can sense burning sensation when the eyes become dry due to some reasons such as hot breeze or prolonged work. You may try some home remedies for this. But if the dryness of eyes is common and is bothering more, then consult an ophthalmologist and act as prescribed. Never experiment with eyes using your own medicines which can turn out to be dangerous at times.

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