Garden accessories to enhance the looks of garden

Every garden has different plants, be it creepers, bushes or for that matter huge trees. While some of them are flowering and aromatic plants, some might be herbal and kitchen-friendly plants. This is common in every garden. When your garden is also the same and routine like others then what creativity and attraction it will have. Why not try something different and make your garden a new world for others to envy and for you to watch it? Here we go with garden accessories that can make your garden decoration entirely different and give amazing looks for the world.

Shoe planters:

As the name indicates shoe is the main thing and centre of attraction here. Check out for all your old shoes, especially for canvas shoes. Clean them well and start using them as plant pots. Fill the shoes with fertile soil and you can use these abandoned shoes to grow little herbs such as coriander and mint. You can as well grow ferns easily. Take a table of good height, keep it in the garden and place the shoes on it.

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These are made with lot many varieties of material. But commonly they are made with glass and metal. They come in different colors, shapes and designs. When the correct type of suncatcher is placed at the correct point in the garden, then it will easily double the beauty of the garden. These Suncatchers absorb sunlight and will reflect it all through the garden.


These can be called as artificial mushrooms. It is common for mushrooms to grow here and there in the garden and give a new look. Now imagine the same kind of mushrooms but with larger built and artificial make. Don’t they come handy in the garden? Yes for sure they will make your garden stand apart from others. Place them in the corners and you can see the magnificence with your own eyes.

Porcelain animals: 

Though they are costly they are purely essential for greater looks of your garden. Imagine how good it will be to look when you have pets moving about in your garden. Same is the case with porcelain animals. Place them at few points in the garden and you can see what they will make to your garden. If your garden is big chose bigger items and in case you have small garden prefer smaller porcelain animals.

Just follow the above garden decor ideas and you can know what these garden accessories can do to the looks of your garden.

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