Gardasil 9: The latest HPV vaccine

The latest version of Gardasil 9 has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Gardasil, a vaccine from Merck & Co. is given against human papilloma virus (HPV). The latest HPV vaccine: Gardasil 9 safeguards against 9 strains of the HPV that causes cervical cancer. The older version of Gardasil could only protect form 4 strains. Here are the facts about the latest Gardasil version.

1) Prevents 9 strains:

The novel vaccine has the power to obstruct 90% of vaginal, cervical, anal and vulvar cancers. According to FDA the latest version protects against HPV 16 and 18 types, along with the latest added types of 33, 31, 52, 58 and 45.

The previous version, Gardasil released during 2006, safeguarded against only 16 and 18 types that were accountable for 70% of cancers related to cervix in the USA. But both: the latest and old versions of Gardasil have the power to safeguard 6 and 11 types of HPV that lead to genital warts.

2) The FDA approved based on clinical trial:

The FDA has approved the latest version based on clinical trial which included nearly 14,000 females; all aged from sixteen to twenty six.

They were either given Gardasil 9 or Gardasil. The researchers have noted that the upgraded version, Gardasil 9 was 97% efficient in obstructing cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers resulted by the extra HPV strains (33, 31, 52, 58 and 45). The latest vaccine is just as good as the older version in obstructing cancer caused by the 6, 16, 18 and 11 HPV strains guarded against the older Gardasil version. But many of the doctors are still skeptical about this.

3) Gardasil can be used in both male and female:

As per the FDA approval it can be used in females aged from 9 to 26. It can also be used in males from the ages 9 to 15. A study was done on nearly 4,000 males and females who were aged from nine to fifteen, and all the people under study have affirmed that the vaccine was efficient for them. According to researchers of Merck they are expecting to receive FDA approval to administer this vaccine in males aged 16 and above in less than a year.

4) It is safe to re-vaccinate: 

For people who have got vaccinated by using older version can still go for the latest vaccine in case they wish for added protection from Gardasil 9.

5) The study is not clear on the duration of effectiveness it offers:

The researchers are not sure on how long this latest version can shield from HPV. As per unofficial reports the protection against cancers lasts only for two years in that case if the protection doesn’t long for more than fifteen years then any protection against cancer is not sure.

6) It is effective when given before maturity:

The researchers have also said that administering the vaccine before a person is sexually active is a better choice as HPV can also spread through sexual acts.

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