Fruit packs for glowing the skin naturally

Glowing skin indicates proper health and pale skin indicates improper health. One sign of correct metabolism is glowing skin. A healthy skin is not only indicator of good health but also gives new dimension to beauty. We all know eating different kinds of fresh fruits is good for health, in addition to much health benefits it also gives glowing skin. But have you ever known that these fruits can also be made into fruit packs for skin. When properly used these fruit packs give glowing and shinning skin. Let us see some of the natural fruit packs for skin and face that can easily be made in homes.

Banana face pack:

Banana is one fruit that is easily available and also healthy. This fruit is one fruit that can be used voraciously to make face packs in combination with other fruits or using it alone is also as effective as combined usage. Mash a fully ripe banana into paste and apply the paste to face. Keep the mash for some time and then wash it off cleanly with water to get glowing face. If you have pimples using banana paste along with honey or lime on face is best way to reduce pimples. Apply it and cleanse it off thoroughly using cold water after 20 minutes.

Tomato face pack:

This tomato face pack is highly useful for oily skin.  Squeeze a fresh tomato and use this juice on face. Leave the tomato juice on skin for few minutes and wash it using water. While washing face with water the tomato seeds give the scrubbing effect to skin.

Grape face pack:

Grape face pack is very effective on pimples. It gives quick results with no side effects. Apply grape pack on face and leave it untouched till the pack gets dry and then wash the face using cold water. The fruit pack also gives relief from scars formed on face.

Papaya face pack:

Take fully ripen papaya fruit and peel off the skin, mash it into thick paste. Apply this paste on face and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off using cold water, this will work as scrub and give glowing face.

Strawberry face pack:

This Strawberry face pack is highly effective on dull skin. Grind the fruits by adding little water till it becomes thick paste and use the paste on face. Allow the paste to dry on face and wash with water. Mixed fruit pack is also good for dully skin.

Apple face pack:

To make this face pack, mash apple into thick paste and add little honey to it. Store this paste for ten minutes in fridge and take it off and apply it on face. Allow it stay on for few minutes and wash it off cleanly with cold water. Doing so will leave back shinning and glowing face.

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