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Numerical Aptitude tests available online come as a breather for students planning to take on competitive national aptitude tests. Like it or hate it, you cannot escape it – Mathematics is practically everywhere! Whether you are an engineering candidate or a Civil Services aspirant, whether you want to score the entrance for Defense services or bell the CAT, strong numerical ability is a prerequisite you cannot avoid. But would you scrap your cherish able white collar dream job, just because you are a no-gooder with Mathematics? Not any more!

The power of internet brings you a gamut of maths aptitude tests, easily available online. These online aptitude tests gauge your ability to solve basic arithmetic problems, number sequences, complex numerical reasoning, Algebra, Percentages, Cost and Sales analysis and a number of other problems that commonly appear on competitive aptitude tests.

Not only competitive national aptitude tests, but even job recruiters nowadays test numerical ability. So,  if your rusty mathematics is giving you a shudder, then try taking the numerical and logical reasoning tests, designed by the University of Kent. One of the best ways to polish your numerical ability, these timed online aptitude tests are similar to what most recruiters use. So diligently keep taking these free aptitude tests online, note your scores, aim for higher marks and over a period of time, you are sure to improve your numbers big time.

Just like numerical ability is put to test in most entrance examinations, verbal or English aptitude tests are also very common. Here again, Kent offers practice aptitude tests in Spelling and Pronunciation, as well as beautifully designed Vocabulary and Homonym tests. There are free online verbal aptitude tests that train you to spot errors, order words, correct sentences  etc. Idioms and Phrases, Synonyms, verbal analogies, comprehension, change of speech, change of voice are among other areas tested.

An additional bit of information for those who want to hone their computer skills. There are extremely good Computer Aptitude Tests designed by Kent as well, so consistent practice is all you need.

While a lot of students suffer from test phobia, it is important to remember that your career does not depend solely on these tests. There is no denying the fact that a 99 percentile on the CAT can build your future, but then again with most recruitment tests, this is not the case. Test scores are only one among a basket of parameters, like academic performance, application forms, references, performance in interviews, group discussions, which are put to scrutiny. And just to let you know, there are job aptitude tests that measure qualitative aspects of your personality as well, traits that will make a huge difference in the overall selection process. So you have online aptitude tests that gauge your team working capabilities, leadership styles, body language etc. Now, Interview and CV skills also form part of aptitude testing online as well!

And what’s more, many of these aptitude tests are absolutely free, so no more worrying and fretting over exams. All you need  to do is check online for free aptitude tests to suit your specific requirement and bingo! With the right dedication and perseverance, you will be test-ready before you know it!

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