Foods to Eat After Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids are a situation when a blood vessel or vessels on the anus or rectum gets inflammation. Surgery is sometimes mandate to relive the situation and there are some foods to be taken after undergoing surgery for faster recovery.

The following are the foods to be taken regularly…

Whole Grains:

Whole grains are excellent food for hemorrhoids as they contain B vitamins, fiber, folate, selenium and many more helpful sources that help to recover well after surgery. Consumption of whole grains helps in easy movement of bowl and assists in reducing the pain caused due to constipation and strain in bowl cleaning. According to health specialists it is always better to prefer whole grains over refined grains. Oatmeal, millets, bulgur, wild rice, buckwheat, brown rice and cold cereals are high in fiber and assist fast recovery.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Always include fruits and vegetables as part of Hemorrhoid diet plan as they contain vitamin C, beta-carotene, antioxidants, fluids and other fibers that help post hemorrhoids surgery. All these elements help in fast recovery by lowering the happening of puncture to sutures and helping in easy stool movement. Broccoli, melons, oranges, cucumbers, celery, strawberries, carrots, blueberries, cabbage and many other leafy vegetables include fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. Consuming these vegetables and fruits regularly will also assist in easy digestion.

Beverages and Liquids:

The primary cause of indigestion, irregular bowel movements and constipation related ailments is lack of correct amount of liquids and water. Consumption of correct amount of water is very vital if one need to get faster recovery. One should drink water based on body mass index for better results. Water and high amounts of fluid intake assists in preventing problems associated with constipation and other digestive problems. Constipation, irregular bowl movements and other types of digestive problems will eventually lead to hemorrhoids.

Not all liquids are good for recovery and digestion; take for instance alcohol, it increases indigestion as alcohol has the tendency to create dehydration. Even coffee is a big no for faster recovery as it has caffeine, which is a type of laxative that prohibits easy natural and regular movement of bowel. Liquids such as herbal tea, green tea, natural and fruit juices come handy.


Beans, lentils and split peas are main part of legumes. The other part of legume sources includes chili beans, black beans, kidney beans, white beans and chickpeas. Legumes have proteins, fiber, iron and B vitamin, which are helpful in lowering the pressure on hemorrhoids at the time of bowel movements. This happens because legumes increase the movement of stool post surgery. Legumes are form primary part of diet to prevent Hemorrhoid.

Apart from taking the above said food regularly, nutrition experts emphasize to take fiber rich food in plenty, as it is important to avoid hemorrhoids. Include fresh vegetables per each meal as they have high fiber and help in easy digestion .It is also important to take food at proper timings and also eat it slowly for better digestion.

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