Foods to be taken by new mothers

The delight of being mother is unexplainable in words. Your all joys as a woman will get new heights once you become mother. But all the joy will be meaningful and last long only when you are healthy and as new mom you need to change your past diet habits and stick to completely anew postpartum nutrition guidelines then alone you and your baby will be healthy.

Here we go diet for postpartum mothers…..


This is a well known lactogenic food. It is rich in fiber and so is easy to digest. Fiber is highly essential for mothers even, mostly for those who have constipation. Apart from fiber, it also has rich contents of iron to help you fight anemia caused by iron deficiency.  Oatmeal also increases secretion of milk and reduces stress.


This sea food is a wonder food as it has high health benefits and it is particularly needed for new moms as its nutritional values are amazing. It is highly rich in Omega-3 and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is crucial for development of nervous system in newborns. It also has high amounts of Vitamin B12and protein; we need these to prevent postpartum depression.  One can gain total benefits only when you chose fresh and fully grown salmon.


Eggs give the stamina and strength good enough to nourish both mother and newborn. They have amino acids and proteins much needed for happy growth. Egg yolks have vitamin D to make your bones fit and strong. In addition eggs also have choline that builds the memory center in a newborn baby’s brain.

Brown rice:

It will assist in maintaining the energy levels and also in balancing the blood sugar level consistently.  Apart from this brown rice even have high fiber and many other vital nutrients that are not present in white rice. Eating brown rice will increase both quantity and quality of milk.


It has phytoestrogens much needed for producing milk. It is even high in calcium, iron, fiber, and varied minerals and vitamins.  It also has saponins and choline that are needed for proper growth of newborns. Fenugreek even aids in alleviating digestive problems such as flatulence and constipation which are common problems in new mothers.


Very rich in antioxidant, blueberry helps eliminating free radicals and this elimination keeps the baby and mom away from many kinds of illnesses and diseases. Blueberries also contain all the essential minerals and vitamins that are needed for breastfeeding mothers. The good amounts of carbohydrates in them also boost energy.


Any green leaf vegetable is essential for mothers as they are rich in folic acid which generates new blood cells. Mothers need new blood cell production as they will have heavy loss of blood at the time of delivery.  Spinach is also rich in manganese and vitamin A. Spinach is also rich source for non dairy calcium, Vitamin C and iron.

Milk, fennel and almonds are also good diet for new mums.

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