Foods for moms and their babies

As a woman you need to take highly nutritious food in general and this need is felt more when you are pregnant. Here is the list of foods to eat with pregnancy.

1) Avocados: These are filled with folic acids, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Eating avocados is one delicious means to get the vitamins needed by the body. Apply some ripe avocado on the whole grain roll and take it as a healthy replacement for mayo. Never forget that avocados contain huge amounts of calories and fat, despite the fact that they are good pregnant foods so keep an eye on the amount of intake per day.

2) Broccoli: This is America’s most sought after cruciferous vegetable, filled with much amounts of A and C vitamins along with good amounts of calcium that we need for healthy growth of bones in babies. It even has folic acid which is pro-healthy for babies. Add them to casseroles or pasta or fry them with chicken or seafood. It can as well be consumed in juice form.

3) Carrots: Carrots top the list as far as content of ‘’A’’ vitamin is concerned. Vitamin A is mandate for healthy development of the child’s teeth, eyes and bones. They also make good munching items as they are easy to carry. They fit into any kind of foods beginning with meatloaf to salads to muffins and cakes. Carrots are even filled with vitamins C and B6, and also high fiber.

4) DHA eggs: Eggs since ages have been giving humans many health benefits. They are extremely good since they are high in protein and low in bad fats. Any form of egg dish be it fry, boil or scramble tastes good. Egg has a kind of omega-3 fatty acid which is a primary ingredient of the retina and brain. We also need the nutrients from egg for healthy development of eyes and brain.

5) Edamame: Edamame, kind of green pods which are in fact cooked soybeans taste good. Filled with calcium, protein, folic acid, and also vitamins B and A, it can be taken as snacks or can be added to any item that you cook starting from pasta to soups, and succotash to casseroles.

6) Lentils: Branch into beans for folic acid and protein, vitamin B6, and iron. Lentils are the most intestine friendly legumes and readily absorb a variety of flavors from other foods and seasonings.

7) Mangoes: They are sweet revenge for many vegetables as they are high in vitamins C and A. This tropical fruit also has potassium, eat it just like that or take it in juice kind; both have the same amounts of taste and nutrient value.

8) Nuts: These are full of essential minerals such as copper, calcium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, zinc and selenium along with vitamin E. Though they make high fat foods you have to take it as they are pregnant friendly.

Oatmeal, spinach and yogurt should also be included in pregnancy diet plan.

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