Food storage guidelines to follow in monsoon

The food we take decides how healthy we are. Not only we need to choose healthy food stuff we should also know the basics of cooking them well and preserving them. Any leniency will spoil the food and as a result we are prone to health problems.

Ways and tips to store food should change with the kind of food and also with the season. Every season needs different foods to be taken. To say more clearly the food stuff available for us depends on the season and this is the reason, why few foods are available only in a particular season and are called as seasonal foods.

Leaving back all the above facts we will discuss on how to store and give life to foods in the rainy season as this is the season where food is easily affected by bacteria and fungus. Sadly food is the best preying ground for them to spread easily. So it is very important to know how to store and keep the food healthy in the rainy season. Here we go with easy food storage tips to follow.

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Cook in limit:

All through the year as said above, the rainy season is the best season for bacteria and fungus to spread. The reason is simple, the climate is damp and so the breeding conditions are more favorable. Keep this in mind and cook. It is always better to cook only needed amount. The healthier way would be to cook when needed. This simply means cook three times and eat hot and healthy. This will not only make you healthy but will also restrict wastage of food. If at all something remains after eating just dispose of it or if you are sure it can stay fit to eat for the next time then you can take the chance of preserving it.

Tips to store cereals and millets:

These are the common staple across the globe and are also used most often. So to go out and buy them always is not suggestible. But you should know how to store them so that they don’t get damaged. While storing them in any container add few drops of castor oil and store. Also keep the lid tight so that the air doesn’t get in. By any chance, if these become damp, fry them for few minutes without oil and again store them. But this time see that you finish them as soon as that since they can no longer remain healthy.

Tips to preserve cooked food:

In case you are forced to keep some cooked food without covering it with a lid then stir it with a spoon for every two hours. This way you can keep the food away from bacteria and fungus.

Store dry items in fridge:

In case you have to store dry food items the best food storage idea is to store them in the fridge. But before stuffing those in fridge know whether it can be stored in it or not.

Follow these and you can easily store and keep healthy the food.

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