Food matters a lot in swine flu prevention

Swine flu is a viral infection that has shaken the world with terror. This virus is so dangerous that we cannot expect when it will spread its deadly tentacles and when it will be passive. In this situation, it is always better to be careful and follow all the safety precautions each day so that you don’t get stuck up in its trap when it becomes active. Here are some necessary foods to take for swine flu.

•    Drink as much as water you can. See that the fluid content is never below the BMI. This situation can easily make you vulnerable to swine flu. Say for example if you are 80 kilos in weight then you should take 40 ounces of fluid, which equals to 1200 milliliters. Amongst the fluids prefer more water and vitamin C drinks.

•    Oral hygiene plays a key role here. As soon as you finish brushing gargle mouth with lukewarm water, this will help in flushing out the remaining bacteria present in the mouth. The first foods that should go into your mouth are almonds and figs. Soak 2 figs and 10 almonds in water every night and eat them every next morning. These are highly useful in keeping up the stamina and maintaining immunity levels.

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•    The best food to take for swine flu is cabbage soup. Take this during lunch time. Add a pinch of powder by grinding few peppers and ginger to it.

•    Drink ginger juice by mixing pepper powder. Ginger is effective in fighting all kinds of viral infections. It is also inflammatory in nature.

•    Drink a glass of orange juice after breakfast. Oranges are high in vitamin C and you need vitamin C to fight swine flu.

•    Post lunch, eat watermelon soaked in ginger water. Sprinkle pepper powder for effective health benefits.

•    Prefer soups made with green leafy vegetables. Prefer spinach more amongst the green leafy vegetables.

•    The best snacks to fight swine flu would be to fry walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds and take them a cupful. You can as well add tomato, onion and garlic both for health and taste.

•    Green tea is never less in fighting swine flu. Prefer drinking green tea by garnishing with ginger slice. Even lemon tea is also one best option.

•    Eat less supper and drink carrot juice mixed with ginger, pepper powder and sunflower seeds powder.

Precautions to take for swine flu:

•    When you sneeze or cough place a handkerchief or tissue paper against your mouth and nose.

•    Keep gargling mouth with lukewarm water every now and then.

•    Use well-branded hand wash to wash your hands.

•    Get vaccinated in advance, this is the best swine flu treatment.

•    Implement all the ways to increase immunity.

•    The body should never go less in fluid content.

Follow the above diet and precautions as part of swine flu treatment at home and you are always safe from swine flu.

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