Food chart for middle aged men

The health problems start growing rapidly for men in middle ages. Lack of proper food and busy life can be attributed for this situation. The one important health problem that is commonly seen in middle age men is prostate enlargement, this leads to increased urination. This problem can be checked to most extent by having good food. Here is the list of best foods for middle aged men and also diet plan to be followed by men in the middle ages.

The first diet habit to be followed is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase protein content. The morning breakfast should be kept light and consist of sprouts, egg, one fruit and milk.

The mid-day meal should have more protein content. It should definitely have fish, vegetable salad and yogurt. Fried nuts and fruits can be taken as evening snacks. While the supper should finish with dark colored vegetarian curries, dhal and chapatti.

If you have diabetes and cholesterol have butter milk by adding pinch of Fenugreek seeds powder.  Before beginning workouts it is better to eat dry fruits like dates, apricot, fig, dry grapes, almonds, these will also stimulate sex performance.

As said earlier, prostate enlargement is common in middle ages, to fight it effectively drink tomato soups or watermelon juice. Using Vitamin C and protein supplements and antioxidants is also one best option. Prefer biological proteins.

Teeth problems too start beginning during this age so be sure that your diet has good calcium content. And also the food you take should go hand in hand with the medicines you use.

To fight constipation and digestion related problems it is better to take foods that are easy to digest and also remember to take fiber foods, drinking more water and having more of fresh vegetables and fruits is one way to fight constipation and digestive related problems that come with age.

Body pains can be effectively checked by drinking butter milk along with Fenugreek powder, mint powder, light lime squeeze and salt. This drink is also effective to cure constipation.

To fight fatigue and feel fresh and energetic, drink orange juice daily, it gives instant energy and also keeps the immune system fit as it has vitamin C content. Multivitamin syrups too can be taken with proper advice of the doctor.

Salads rich in dry fruits and nuts should be taken before meals, doing so will keep the stomach full for longer time and also provide all day energy.

It is also good choice to take soups during evenings in place of coffees as soups are easily absorbed by the body and so give instant energy.

Apart from following these diet tips the body should also be given proper exercise for effective functioning.

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