Follow these tips for safe web browsing for kids

Internet is treasure house to both good and bad. And with changing times children are getting relied more on internet for many reasons. The good from it can be given to children when only certain precautions are taken for safe browsing for kids.

The following are the tips for safe internet browsing for children.

Secure the device:

All the devices that have internet facility should be secured well. Children mostly use desktop for surfing and playing games, so antivirus should be installed without fail in desktops. In the same way they may also use laptop, tab or smartphone, so even these devices should be protected by installing antivirus feature. Installing antivirus will save us from unwanted panic caused by spam, phishing, and malwares.

Secured internet access:

Always install parental controls in computers. See to that each child is given different login ID and password and also make sure that children are not aware of admin password.

Secure browser and social media:

Always provide the child kid friendly browsers to complete their assignments and play games. Once they have signed up in some social media and have created their own mail ID’s allow them to have some liberty to chat with their friends and teachers for any needed assistance. But don’t forget to block pop-ups, webcam and GPS options.

Set access limits:

Always keep time limits to children for browsing. Mostly the young kids love to play games and watch videos. Fix specific time for those things, doing so will not let the child get addicted to them. It is also safe bet to disconnect internet while they are playing or watching movies. In addition to this also fix certain hours for browsing.

Educate the children:

Children should be explained regarding online crimes and other cons associated with internet. Be sure that you educate your child on where he can find the relevant information that he/she needs. They should also be educated on cyber issues and crimes, so that it acts as a check on them and averts them to do any illegal things on internet. Also make sure that the internet devices are placed in sitting rooms and commonly used rooms, this will allow you to have close monitor on what they are doing.

Give them ‘’NO’’ list:

Let your child know certain things that should not be done on internet to avoid unwanted issues. Make sure that they don’t join chat rooms, download porn things and so on.

No free and no bed time chatting:

Children should also be explained that nothing comes for free and that all the ads saying of some free item are prone to threats.

Children should also be strictly kept off from browsing, chatting, mailing at nights.

These are some tips for safe internet browsing for kids follow them and make your child free from falling prey to internet.

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