Follow these tips for longer health of the eyes

We have 5 sensory organs and amongst all, eyes have a predominant place. You may forego anything but not to have a vision is the biggest trouble a man can face. Without eyes, the world is literally dark for anyone. When vision and eyes have such prominent place we should take every care for it. Here are few but very important eye care tips for healthy eyes and good vision.

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As we age it is normal for all of us to face eye problems, but these problems can be postponed to some extent when the following eye care tips are followed.

1) The food you take has a key role in your eye health. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E, zinc and vitamin A should be taken regularly. With these foods as your main staple, most of the eye related problems can easily be kept at bay. Also, see if your body has correct amounts of these nutrients by going for tests as often as possible.

2) All vegetables are a mandate for the untarnished health of the eyes. More importantly green leafy vegetables of all types. Spinach should never be missed out.

3) Many think vitamin E is essential for only skin, but actually it is also important for the eyes. One best way to give the body vitamin E is to eat fish. Salmon and tuna should be preferred more. Fish is not only healthy but also easily available and most economical in comparison to other non vegetarian foods. So eat them often. Prefer to make curries and gravies instead of frying them. Fried food of any kind is unhealthy.

4) Citrus foods are also mandated if you wish good eyesight. Fruits such as oranges and lemon juice should be taken without fail.

5) Eggs, cereals, millets and beans should also find their place every now and then as they are good diets for eyes’ health.

6) Studies have found that obesity and eyesight are interlinked. So keep your weight in check for total health in general and eyes’ health in particular. When you increase in weight you also increase your blood pressure and sugar levels, which in turn lead to eye problems. Keep an eye on your weight and bring down the weight if you are more than your BMI.

7) All the nicotine products can lead to cataract especially smoking. If you are a smoker stop it at once.

8) Use eye protectors such as spectacles when roaming in sun as UV rays will lead to eye problems.

9) If your work involves staying before monitors for long time wash the eye frequently as part of home remedies for eye.

10) Give the eyes rest for every 2 hours; this is the best natural eye care. Close the eyes for 15 minutes for every couple of hours.

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