Follow these tips and lengthen the life of woolen clothes

Proper fabric care enhances the life of clothes. We should know how to store, preserve, wash, dry, iron and also all the other things related to taking care of clothes. In general there are mostly three types of fabric kinds that are used to make clothes. They are:




Apart from the above three there are also different clothing materials such as linen, mixed wool, jute, silk, and rayon. As each type of fabric material gives different looks so also each type of them should be cared differently. We cannot blindly follow the same cloth care for all the types of clothes. Here we shall know how to take care of woolen clothes.

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•    As soon as winter season sets back just don’t throw the woolen dresses and other fabrics into shelves. Wash them well and place them neatly folded in your cupboards. All the woolen items such as sweaters, scarves and monkey caps should be washed and stored. Washing and storing them will give long life.

•    If you are so lazy that you cannot wash them personally do a small favor for them. Hand over them in a laundry and get them dry-cleaned. Once they are dry-cleaned wrap them in good quality paper and place them in shelves. You can as well seal them in some plastic covers and store. This is safer.

•    Many of us have the negligence of not stitching all wears and tears present in them. Even we don’t care to stitch the lost buttons on them. This should be avoided and any damage to them should be rectified, then alone you need to store them in shelves. Check if the material has correct stitches and also check for rigidness of stitching. If not stitch it with matching thread.

•      If you wish to store them in another place than cupboards prefer dark area. The place you chose for placing woolen clothing should not be damp. Moist surroundings can attract bugs. So see that the place you chose for placing woolen clothes is dry.

•    Use hangers to place woolen clothes. If you don’t have the facility for hangers in your cupboards you can wrap all the woolen items in a paper or some kind of bed sheet and place them on the shelf. This will keep away the cloth bugs and other worms that cause damage to them.

•    Place naphthalene balls in cupboards.

•    It is not enough if you have stored them well. You should also keep checking them in between and replace them or change the place totally if you notice some wrong such as tearing of paper used for wrapping them and so on.

•   Don’t worry on how to wash woolen clothes. All you need to wash them is to use washing powder and detergent that are wool friendly. Prefer only such washing material that is good for the longevity of the woolen clothes.

Follow all these tips and precautions while storing woolen clothes. This will enhance the quality and life of them.

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