Fix your cooking mistakes with these easy tips

Cooking though is a daily routine can at times panic us due to some small mistakes made while cooking such as adding more salt or pepper or for that matter adding more oil or frying for more time than required. These sought of things happen commonly and there is no need to panic when you too face the same situation. Here are few tips to fix the cooking mistakes.

Have you dropped more chili powder?

Sometimes we may land up adding more chili powder or pepper powder in a hurry or absent-mindedness. It is the one of the most common cooking mistakes. You may do, I may do and every one of us may do. So there is nothing to go Goosebumps over this. Instead, start trying to repair the damage and get down the spiciness of the cooked material. The best way to bring down the intensity of extra chili powder effect is to add little sugar. The other way can also be adding tomato sauce. You can as well take few onion slices, fry them and add. One healthiest way to bring down the chili effect is to add lemon juice.

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Does it taste sweet?

Many of us neglect the quantity of sugar to be added while making sweets. The reason is simple: recklessness. We think sweets we make can have any amount of sugar. As the saying goes, ‘’too much is too bad, ‘’ the same also holds good. In case you feel you have added more than what should be added you can add vinegar while you are boiling the sweet.

Is it sour?

No matter how much ever the food is our favorite when it tastes sour we just cannot take it into our mouth. In such cases to adjust the sourness of the food, we can just add salt in required amount. Even something sweet in nature can also nullify the effect of sourness. But whether you add a sugary thing or salt don’t straight away start pouring more quantity. Add little and check next if the amount is good enough to lessen the sourness if not add some more. Do this till everything gets fine.

Is non-vegan not getting boiled well?

If non-vegan foods should be tasty they should get boiled well along with correct add of spice and other ingredients. But at times no matter how many extra minutes you cook it doesn’t boil well due to one reason or the other reason. In such cases add a papaya piece while boiling it or you can as well add the desired spices to the raw meat and place in it in the fridge for 2 hours and cook.

Follow these simple tips to fix cooking mistakes and you can easily do away the mistakes made while cooking.

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