Fit for gold like athletes

It would be a dream comes true for a fitness freak to have body and stamina like an athlete. After all, they are supposed to be fully fit and take care of their health and fitness like a pro. And unlike olden times when these athletes had to depend on their body type and stamina-building to be able to keep those blood sugar level under check and calorie level high, they now have full training sessions and professional help at hand.

Whether you are one who would be satisfied with just a few miles of jogging in the morning or a person who would take lots of pain to keep oneself fit, these simple tips would surely help a lot.

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Understand your body type

Each individual is different not only in mind but also in terms of body type. Individual requirements vary in terms of high level of metabolism, requirements for more blood sugar or less and, of course, the body’s ability to keep up high levels of stamina. Understanding these needs is the first step forward in planning a fitness regime for oneself. Athletes have professional trainers who keep in mind these individual requirements.

Go for lean proteins and high carbs

Diet control and planning is a must when one is going for any kind of fitness regime. Even during normal times it is better to have nourishment through lean proteins and high amount of carbohydrates which should then be burnt out through physical labor. Even athletes have same kind of classifications for their food. High stamina sports like biking or swimming require the athletes to have lean proteins like peanut butter or white meat and high carbs diet that include fruits and juices.

Exercise in smaller intervals

Fitness does not mean exercising for a long time and then keeping a longer gap between two such episodes. It should be about strenuous physical labor that makes your heart work faster and your calories burn faster too. Working out for few minutes rather than an hour is more beneficial than the other way around.  Small intervals of rest in between are needed too. Biking and/or swimming are good options that should always be kept in your list

Try out yoga

One of the favorite means of having a peaceful and healthy mind and soul for thousands of athletes is yoga regime. This ancient form of physical and mental exercise from India has been accepted by millions across the world and often professionals help athletes to have their own push in place. Why don’t you try and have one for yourself?

Start it young

The younger one starts the better. It not only helps in keeping your body fitter for a longer time but also helps to long term planning and benefits in place. Children, when taught to exercise every day, would be fitter both mind and body wise. But, it is never too late. Even if you are an adult there is no harm in starting your own regime and keeping yourself like the athletes.

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