Fight rheumatoid arthritis with these foods

Common symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) include stiffness, swelling and pain which stem from inflammation. We know food alone cannot assist in reducing the pain associated with RA nor cure it completely but for sure it is going to lessen the severity and also aid the medicines in acting effectively.

Here are the RA diet foods…..

1) Olive Oil:

The researchers are becoming more interested in knowing the benefits of the anti-inflammatory elements present in olive oil since people who consume long-established Mediterranean diet that has high olive oil look to have lesser health conditions that are connected to inflammation, like diabetes or degenerative joint ailments. The researchers also guess that extra-virgin olive oil might have compounds identical to ibuprofen, thereby making it one of the good oil to cook recipes that can assist in managing pain.

2) Bring on citrus foods:

Citrus foods like oranges, lemon, and grapefruits are high in C vitamin, a dietary constituent needed in synthesizing of collagen, which assists in building and repairing blood vessels, bones, tendons and ligaments and so is useful for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Citrus family fruits are even good sources to antioxidants that fight inflammation, more importantly inflammation caused due to rheumatoid arthritis. So start the day by consuming one glass of grape juice, or for that matter any citrus fruit. Simply squeezing lime juice in foods we take is also one easy way to get vitamin C. See to that you take more of citrus fruits. On an average an adult women need 75 mg of C vitamin each day and it is 90 mg each day for men.

3) Rely on Berries:

Intake of more and more servings of either frozen or fresh berries like blueberries, huckleberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries is one best way to fight RA pains. These tiny fruits have effective antioxidant compounds such as ellagic acid and proanthocyanidins, which combat cell damage and fight inflammation. The combination and amount of compounds change by the kind of berry one is taking, so keep an eye.

4) Prefer Cherries:

Michigan State University researchers have traced that tart cherries have high amounts of anthocyanins that are highly anti-inflammatory in nature than aspirin. So add more of different kinds of cherries to foods or take cherry juice regularly.

5) Crunch Carrots:

Adding carrots, sweet potatoes and squash to the diet is nothing but going anti-arthritis. These and many orange-hue veggies are high in ‘A’ vitamin and beta carotene, we need both of them as they combat inflammation. To benefit more from these eat them regularly in prescribed serving sizes instead of exaggerating it by consuming them in heavy quantities.

6) Consume high amounts of Whole Grains:

Whole grains are good Rheumatoid arthritis diet. Whole grains simply mean grains that have all 3 parts of the original grain, i.e. the outer part of the hull and also the 2 inner parts. Hull is the part of the grain where many nutrients of the grain such as vitamin E are present. So eat whole grains rather than polished grains.

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