Few Fabulous Foods for Fabulous Hair

Long or short, black or blonde, the healthy shine and natural beauty of the hair makes them simply irresistible. The dream of every girl, the charm of lustrous locks will never be out of fashion. People spend million in a year making their hair more beautiful but unfortunately most of the chemical loaded products steal the vibrancy of the hair leaving them dull and lifeless. Next time when you visit a cosmetic store for hair products think about your lifestyle including diet, sleeping pattern and hair style. A healthy hair symbolizes great health. Take care of your hair. Show your glossy, healthy strands and accentuate your.

Let the iron fortify your hair:

Eat folic acid rich food for stronger hair. Eat asparagus, packed with folic acid and B-complex, just one cup of asparagus can revive the thickest to the hair.  This wills also boost the hair growth. Do you need more reasons to add asparagus in your diet for healthy hair?

Garbanzo beans:

Sine hair is mainly made of protein and keratin, take sufficient amount of protein to control and repair the damage. Commonly known as chickpeas, they are the source of manganese as well. Manganese is helpful in preventing pigmentation in hair. Make it an integral part of your diet and control hair fall, hair damage and pigmentation.


Make your hair bouncy, lustrous and thick with iron. Eat lentils regularly and get a daily dose of iron for healthy hair. Iron adds fullness and growth of the hair. Next time when you find a reason to skip the lentil bowl, look at your hair and eat it in your hair. Add volume to your hair with lentils.


Mostly used in beer, this herb can give strength to the hair root, making them stronger. You can easily find it at an online herb store or health food store. Brew it in a tea and enjoy hot sips of hop for stronger hair. It is advisable to drink the herb before bedtime as the herb can make you drowsy.


Great source of lycopene and anti-oxidant it helps in maintaining the level of collagen. Make your hair livelier with tomatoes. You can take it directly or cook it in your favorite dish. Enjoy the tangy taste of tomatoes and improve the health of your hair.

Hemp protein powder

Are you tired of brittle hair and dry scalp? Nourish your scalp with essential fatty acid. Hemp protein powder is a rich source of omega 6 and -3 fatty acids. It will make your hair lustrous and shiny from the root. Now you don’t have to use chemical based conditioner to make your hair and scalp moisturized and healthy.


Another wonder food for your hair, the fruit is rich in vitamin B and E. It induces the growth of new strands and made scalp healthy. The fruits are enriched with monounsaturated fats it makes dull hair plumper and moisturize.

Next time when you pick any fruit or vegetables, think about its effect on your hair and choose healthy food for your hair.

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