Fever plant: A herb that has many uses

There are many herbs in the nature that have healing power. These herbs are not only natural way to cure diseases but are also an effective, easy and economic way of curing. One such herb that is abundantly available from the nature is ‘’fever plant.” Fever plant uses have been in use since ages in many parts of the world to cure different kinds of diseases starting from fever to bacterial infections. Here let us see how to put this effective herb to cure many diseases.

•    This is one herb that is highly effective to cure fevers beginning with viral fevers to malaria. All you need to do to cure malaria is to mix honey with oil derived by squeezing the leaves of this herb and consume. The dose should be taken till malaria sets back.

•    It works as a good antiviral and antiseptic agent and to use this we need not need any prescription.

•    The commercial value of this plant in ayurvedic medicines is really high as it is used in many kinds of medicines to cure varied diseases.

•    The biggest fever grass health benefits in comparison to many other herbs is herbal oils can be extracted using different parts of this herb right from the tender age of the herb. To say more clearly, this herb can be put into use within less time from plantation.

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•     The oils derived from it have nearly 55 percent of Thymol oil, a kind of essential oil that has number of uses both in medical, aroma and beauty products.

•    Apart from being antiseptic and antiviral in nature it is also antibacterial in nature due to the presence of high amounts of Thymol, a volatile component and essential oil.

•    The oil that you derive from the leaves of this herb is highly useful in curing many kinds of pains as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively cures toothaches, throat pains and headaches.

•    It can also be used as tea. Drinking tea made from this herb’s plant lowers acidity and stops vomiting and nausea feeling.

•    The same oil from the leaves can also be used to cure cold and lessen sputum in the air tracts.

•    The oil from the leaves also cures digestion problems and is well known to increase appetite.

•    Applying the pulp derived from the plant is highly effective way of curing many kinds of pains which also include joint and many kinds of body pains.

•    It is also a good cooking agent and is used to give taste, color and fragrance to many edibles and drinks.

•    One more use of this magical herb is it acts as a natural fly repellant.

•    It is also effective to treat bad breath and other oral infections. All you need to do is to use it as a gargling agent.

•    It is also effective in curing many kinds of skin diseases such as scabies and other minor wounds.

Having now known fever grass medicinal uses it is high time for you to plant this herb in your garden.

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