Fetching happiness in being all alone

Breakups are always sad no matter how ever hard we try to find justifiable reasons for them. But still life has to go on. Many people go errands trying to find happiness and move on normally after breakup.

It might be difficult at the first to be normal but here are few tips to overcome the initial phase of loneliness and gestation period.

Become self conscious:

Yes, the first step amongst all the ways to get over a break up is to become self conscious. Try to be yourself, analyze the reasons and think from the other person’s shoes. This will bring in calm mind. Once you have normal state of mind jot down all the errors made by you as well as your ex. Having jotted down now sincerely check in your own mistakes. And make a promise to yourself that you will never do the same in future.

Never think of the past:

Past is always a past, it should be just mused once in a while but not always. It might be hard to think or remember of any positive points that we had in the broken relation, but still try and find them as it will lighten the otherwise heavy thoughts. If it is just impossible to think of good times of the past relation then it is always best not think of the relation at all.

Keep busy:

Never be idle always keep busy since idle brain is devil’s workshop. As the saying goes to forget someone you should patch up with someone. Go on a date or be close to someone whom your heart thinks will pacify you and give solace. But t his time one should always be more careful as second breakup might cast even more terrible effect on mind.

Never repeat the mistakes:

Think of the past breakup as stepping stones to learn and never do the same mistakes. Doing so will help us feel better. Instead of day dreaming of hitting your ex or cursing him/her think of something that will help you in future to build up good relation.

There is always a good future:

God will always give a second chance and always trust that a good future awaits you. Positive thinking will give positive life. Who knows the one that might walk in to your life might be as perfect as you dreamed.

Redeploy the life:

This step is the best way to get through a breakup yet the toughest as it makes us to literally admit t hat we have lost a relation completely but still no issues. Sit down calmly at your desired place and make jotting list of priorities be it personal or professional. Use the time to reconnect with your old buddies and your old passions which you have left.

Hire a doctor:

There will be times where one can never come out of the trauma all alone in that case there is no wrong in seeking professional help. After all, experts are always better than us to deal such situations.

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