Features of WhatsApp which you are unaware

The first app that comes to our mind when we think of chatting or texting someone is WhatsApp. The craze and ease of it are as such. It allows easy sending of information and also enables us to form groups. You should know it in depth to make conversation easy and quicker. Here are the features you should know about WhatsApp to enjoy it to the fullest. Use these WhatsApp tricks and tips and you will be surprised by them.

Know when the message has been delivered:

Did you know that you can know the exact delivery time of the message you have sent in WhatsApp? You can even know when the person has read your message. All you need to do to know these is: enter to WhatsApp chats and tap and hold the message which you intend to know the details of delivery. After tapping and holding on the message go to info option, if you are using iOS device then drag to the left and you will see a window and in this window you can know the delivery time and also the time when the message was read. It applies to even group chats as well.

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Backup your messages:

Do you feel that the conversation made with your friends is so important for you? Do you wish to see the messages from your beloved one always? No need to worry on your wishes as WhatsApp will store all your messages in the cloud. If you are iPhone user then you can automatically retrieve your chat history. iCloud will automatically store your messages in daily/weekly and also monthly schedules. All you need to do is to select and click on the conversation to convert it into an email. If you are android user then you can see it in the WhatsApp folder itself.

Broadcast list:

You feel like sending a message, but you want it to be sent only to one member in your contact list. Then go for the broadcast list. You will have this below the search bar present in WhatsApp chat window top left-hand corner. Tap on this broadcast list and select the number for which you need to send the message and create a new list and send the message. This will enable you to send messages only to the ones you wish.

Link up your new number:

Say for instance you are in a new country and have taken a new sim then you need to first insert your sim and activate WhatsApp. Register your new number through SMS. But when you do this you will get confused with the contact list. To avoid this confusion leave off the popup or cancel it. When you do, your WhatsApp will link up with your old number and start working. It works even when you are using data from a new sim.

Hope now you know how to make use of cool WhatsApp tricks more effectively.

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