Fashion goes trendy with unisex

The fashion trends are changing. What were once considered as women accessories are now the accessories of men too. The same holds good for women too. Women these days are putting on many things which actually were once part of male fashion industry. Fashion is never stable! This is the reason why there is a huge demand for unisex accessories in the market. Here let us see some of the latest trends and unisex accessories in the fashion market.

Unisex belts:

Youth today prefer jeans more. Not only wearing jeans they even bring special appearance to them by fitting some kind of belt on the jeans worn. In the good old days, feminine gender preferred thin and stylish belts while their counterparts preferred belts with large buckles. But now the scenario is different women are preferring belts with large buckles while men are going for belts that have some kind of shiny hanging materials on them. This is why the companies have come out with unisex belts which befittingly suit both men and women.

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Unisex watches:

Bigger dial is the latest trend. Both the genders are going crazy for these kinds of watches. Keeping this in mind many of the top watch manufacturers have flooded the market with big dial watches in different designs and colors. The material used for these watches is also unique. The technology used in these watches is also unique and suits the needs of both genders. All the needs such as diving, cycling and trekking can be met with these watches.

Unisex glasses:

If you are under the impression that round edged glasses in bigger size are only for women then you are mistaken. These are being used by men also rampantly. Sharp edges and bold frames are the fashion now for both the sexes. Elongated, oval rim frame, rimless frame and rectangular shaped glasses are sported alike by them.

Unisex caps:

Talking on Unisex fashion doesn’t look complete when we don’t talk on caps. Though women and men have differently styled and designed caps unisex caps are more in demand. Many companies are making unisex caps in different styles and colors to meet the needs of all. The most running unisex cap models include beanie hat, flat golf cap, solid straw hats; beanies sleeve hat and turban hat.

Unisex bags:

Backpacks are a huge hit amongst both the genders these days. They are easy to carry and also comfortable to stuff many things at a single place. Even shoulder bags are also liked alike by them. Both these varieties come in different sizes and colors so choosing one of your tastes is not a difficult thing.

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