Facts you need to know on body scents and their effects

Who doesn’t like to smell good? In fact, a fragrant body is the first turn on for anyone. But, unfortunately, the body is prone to smell bad due to external and internal factors. This is where many start using perfumes and body sprays. No one has any doubts regarding their efficacy in giving pleasant fragrance to the body, but the problem arises due to their side effects on the body. This is the reason why some precautions should be taken while using perfumes and sprays. Here we go with body spray side effects and precautions to take while using them…

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Skin problems may arise:

Presence of harmful ingredients in perfumes is common and one amongst such toxins is alcohol. As we know alcohol is highly sensitive to skin that may cause some kind of infection. People having sensitive skin are more prone to alcohol effects when sprays are used. It may cause skin irritations and rashes. Even pigmentation problem can also be seen in few. Alcohol even ignites pigmentation in case you already have. So it is better for the people having pigmentation problems to stay away from perfumes. Many studies have also found that long-term usage of perfumes can lead to pigmentation.

Breathing problems:

Apart from causing skin sensitivity many of the chemicals present in them may also lead to respiratory problems such as breathing difficulty and asthma. So it is best to check the effects prior hand.

Precautions to take: Taking certain precautions will definitely bring down the side effects of using perfumes and other kinds of body sprays. Here we go with the precautions to take with using them.

Be cautious while choosing perfumes and follow these:

1) Check for the content label before purchasing perfumes.

2) Always test spray it before actually buying it.

3) It is also a good idea to mostly spray on clothes rather than using them directly on the body as the chemicals present in them lead to a chemical reaction on the body.

4) Before spraying on clothes, also do a patch test to know if they can cause marks on them.

5) Check the label for the chemicals present in them. Avoid if they have camphor, benzyl alcohol, ethanol, acetone, methylene chloride and leonine. All these are highly dangerous to the skin. They can cause itchiness and migraine.

Prefer non toxic perfumes:

It would be better if you can prefer alternatives to artificial sprays and perfumes. Use essential oils such as lavender, tea tree and so on. Applying them is also as good as commercial sprays. The other best alternative is to keep the body fresh and sweat-free. Keep wiping the sweat using a dry cloth; this will save you from using sprays too often.

One of the easiest ways to make DIY scent at home is to add any kind of essential oil to 100 percent vodka and use it or essential oils can be rubbed on the skin directly using some water too.

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