Facts and myths about droopy breasts

As the age grows the breasts start sagging. There might also be reasons for sagging of breasts apart from age. But knowing what actually causes the breasts to sag will help you prevent it. Here are the reasons for breast sagging and all the myths and facts regarding what causes droopy breasts.

Wearing bra can obstruct sagging of breasts:


Wearing bra literally obstructs the breasts from sagging. You can only forego wearing bras if you wish to see your boobs hitting the knees even before you are 30 years in age. So in case you wish to keep your breasts in shape at least for some period cultivate the habit of wearing bra.

The breasts droop with growing age:


The Cooper’s ligaments, which act as connective tissue to the breasts helps breasts in keeping intact and looking lively. As any other tissue in the human body even these are made of elastin and collagen that break down with growing age and eventually causes drooping of breasts. Along with this as one goes through menopause, thick glandular tissue gives way to fat that is more probable to sag.

The correct exercises can stop the breasts from drooping:


All the workouts in the universe cannot obstruct the drooping of breasts as they are construed of fats and not muscles, so speaking technically there is literally nothing to tone or tighten. However chest workouts can assist in improving the look of the pectoral area, as they strengthen the surrounding ligaments along with Cooper’s ligaments obviously making the boobs look shaped and toned.

Breastfeeding can lead to sagging:


As per Aesthetic Surgery Journal study published in 2008, breastfeeding has never been the reason for sagging of breasts. The studies have also labeled getting ‘’Pregnancy’’ is itself a culprit, since one gains weight during pregnancy that might lead to stretches in ligaments, which in course of time can cause drooping. While one can never avoid drooping altogether, one can minimize drooping by being sure to stick to comparatively healthy weight increase when carrying.

Smoking and sun tanning affects how the breasts appear:


Lighting up is one major risk factor that can lead to breast drooping, as per the 2008 research mentioned above. At the same time poor lifestyle such as drinking and smoking will break down the collagen of the skin. The lifestyle factors include exposing to UV rays, consuming nutrient-poor food or diet in high-fat.

These in general are some facts and myths about sagging breasts. The one way to keep the breasts in shape is to follow a rigid regime of healthy diet that keeps the skin tight. Once the skin is tight, automatically the boobs fall in shape and give you extra look that will glorify your looks.

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