Facts about cervical spondylitis and lumbar Spondylitis

The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in the body. It begins below the waist and passes through thighs and ends at feet. When the sciatic nerve is pressurized and undergoes pain then it is called as sciatica. All these are one side of the coin and now the whole thing has been said keeping in view two kinds of pains as sciatic nerve has a major role to play in these two kinds of pains: Cervical spondylitis and lumbar Spondylitis. Here we shall both of them in detail.

Cervical Spondylitis: Every one of us has 7 bones in the neck region. When these bones are under pressure and undergo pain then it is known as cervical spondylitis.

Causes of cervical Spondylitis: The causes differ from person to person but, in general, these are the causes.

•    Misplacement of a disc present between two bones in the back.

•    When the neck gets injured due to some kind of accident.

•    Sitting and working for long hours of duration.

•    Heavy anxiety and stress.

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Symptoms of cervical spondylitis:

•    Severe pain near the neck region.

•    Pain starting from shoulders and extending to hands.

•    Numbness of fingers.

•    Inability to move the neck freely.

Lumbar Spondylitis: Below the waist there are 5 bones. When the disc between these bones gets reduced in thickness or when it is misplaced one experiences lumbar Spondylitis. When any of the two situations arise then the bones undergo extreme pressure and as a result pain is common. In general this condition takes place between L3, L4 and L5. Between L4 and L5 the sciatic nerve begins. When the disc is reduced or misplaced then the sciatica begins.

Causes of lumbar Spondylitis:

•    When the backbone is affected with some kind of accident.

•    With growing age, the disc reduces and this also is one of the main causes in elderly people.

•    Sitting for long hours without any movement.

•    Pregnancy too can lead to lumbar Spondylitis.

Symptoms of lumbar Spondylitis:

•    Severe back pain.

•    Pain that begins at the backbone and stretches to the legs.

•    Leg numbness and cramps.

Homeopathy medicines:

As far as backbone related pains and problems are concerned it is better to depend on homeopathy. There are many medicines which are suggested based on the severity and person. All the things including patient’s mental condition are also noted and considered. It will be enough if you can take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. There were many cases where this pain had been treated to the root even without the need of the surgery using homeopathy.

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