Facebook new office is a wonder in all ways

We all have Facebook accounts. We all spend much of the time in Facebook. For many of us, Facebook is bread and butter. Take it in sarcastic sense or real way: NOT HAVING A FB ACCOUNT IS SIN BY ITSELF. This is what we are and this is the way we love it.

We also know about Marc Zuckerberg, the main think-tank behind this social site and its success. We have known him through many means. We have an idea of his lifestyle, his wife and these days we are also starting to know how philanthropic Zuckerberg is. Yes, he is indeed.

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As a responsible person and also as part of most successful young entrepreneurs he is doing his own share of good to the society and his co-humans. And now again he has proved why he is special and how he cares for the environment. Have a look at the details of the new Facebook office at California which just started functioning a day before and you will know why we call Zuckerberg, the most sensible and responsible person. The way he made his office design shows his concern towards the society. Here we go with all the facts about the latest office.

1) The entire premise of the office is spread over 22 acres. The office building alone is spread in 4, 30, 000 square foot.

2) As of now there are 28000 employees working in this brand new office and has much free space for future accommodation.

3) The building is named as MPK20. MPK20 stands for Menlo Park building 20.

4) The building top has green rooftop spread in 9 acres. This rooftop has nearly 400 trees and you will feel the magic of staying in a park.

5) The space in which the rooftop is spread is equal to 7 football grounds. This is the first building that has this much lengthy green rooftop.

6) The building has been designed to provide shelter facility to the birds also. This for sure is the heights of humanity….!!!

7) The rooftop also has lot many outdoor spaces to work and relax and also has walking trails.

8) The building has the insulating effect to cool down the temperature, as a result, the building cuts down heavily on its AC costs.

9) The parking area is located in the cellar of the building. This has been made so to control the heat.

10) The building has been awarded, US Green Building Council Lead Gold certificate for its pro-environmental factors.

11) Last but not the least; Frank Gehry is the chief architect of the building.

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