Face recognition drone successfully tested by Indian students

Indian based engineering students have successfully tested a drone that is capable of recognizing people using ‘automatic face and person recognition system’. With this success the drones are expected to be used extensively in many security related services.

The copters till now were capable of performing many functions which included right form surveillance to pizza deliveries provided they were pre-fed with route maps. But to identify a specific person in the mob was not within the reach of copters and this scenario has changed with the latest successful development towards that end.

The students of SRM University, Chennai located in India were the master minds behind this successful test conducted very recently. They have developed the most advanced copter that is capable of recognizing people. The only thing that is needed to be done is just feed the copter with the photo and address of the person to be traced. Once this is done, the copter is all set to recognize the person no matter how he/she is and in what dress he/she is.

According to the students, this technology is expected to be very useful in tracing out missed people. The face recognition system allows the copter to take photos every second and also enables it to compare the photos thus taken to the already fed photo. It is even equipped with GPS system, so that it can send the person’s location details to the monitoring room.

This latest drone was designed in a day under the guidance of Sobin Santhosh, a final year student of Aerospace department at the same university. As part of the test, they have installed the above said software in a quad copter along with installing a camera that is capable of recording things. The photos and videos captured by the drone will be fed to person identification system, which is a different software application designed on MATLAB platform to trace out the person.

The person identification system has been developed by Arijit Ray, a final year student pursuing Electrical and Engineering course in the same university. He said that these kinds of software’s are needed to change the phase of the world. The students also said that they have tested this new drone in all angles to check its accuracy and were happy that it was successful in identifying the given target.

With this kind of copters huge changes are expected to be seen, more importantly in the field of vigilance, security, defense, policing and also in facing challenges during natural calamities and emergencies.

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